This project wouldn't be possible without commitment and dedication from many parties. It is our greatest pleasure to acknowledge the assistance and contribution of the individuals and groups who have helped us towards the successful completion of the project.


Adam Hannaford

Lab work on tags and their characterisation. Design of Experiment for protein expression optimisation.

Alice Fraser

Interlab study. Lab work on Eut proteins for their characterisation.

Amber Hall

Graphic and video editing, slide making and microscopy. Lab work. Wiki illustrations.

James Engleback

Lab work on characterisation of PPKs. Design of Experiment for protein expression optimisation.

Jessica Burns

Cloning of PPK and Eut parts into submission and expression vectors. Lab work on Eut proteins for their characterisation.

Maciej Słowiński

Seeking sponsors and looking for collaborations. Building business model.

Ong Jun Yang

Wiki development and phosphate starvation operon modelling. Lab work. 3D animations.

Owen Julianto Jonathan

Every bit of human practices and making cost estimation from continuous culture modelling. Lab work. Wiki illustrations.

Theodore Glenaldo

Interlab study and lab work. Safety forms submission. Wiki illustrations.


Research Institute

Manchester Institute of Biotechnology (MIB)

Project Advisors

Eriko Takano, Rainer Breitling

Advice on everything concerning the project.

Project Supervisors

William Finnigan, Marc Biarnes-Carrera, Ross Kent, Nicholas Weise, Jonathan Wilkes, Adam Amara

Advice on experimental design, troubleshooting, part assembly and characterisation, orders and deliveries, Design of Experiment, opportunities for outreach and articles.

Team Members

Adam Hannaford, Alice Fraser, Amber Hall, James Engleback, Jessica Burns, Maciej Słowiński, Ong Jun Yang, Owen Julianto Jonathan, Theodore Glenaldo


Tanya Aspinall - Health & Safety induction

Sandra Taylor - Microscopy training

John Hughes - Ultracentrifugation training


Louise Barnes, Lisa Beattie

Human Practices

Dr. Andrew Balmer, Dr. Robert Meckin - on social implications of synthetic biology

Dr. Duncan Thomas - Manchester Institute of Innovation

Computational Modelling

Areti Tsigkinopoulou, Aliah Hawari

Advice on computational modelling of phosphate starvation operon, sources of scripts and papers on ensemble modelling.



Martin Warren - Original paper on microcompartment-directed polyphosphate accumulation

Ashley Chessher - Eut plasmids and microscopy image samples

Inspiring previous work by HKU iGEM 2013, Dundee iGEM 2011, York iGEM 2015

Human Practices

Professor Issy Caffoor - Ex-Innovation Manager at Yorkshire Water

Jonathan Abra - Knowledge Transfer Network

Dr. Ben Reeve - CustoMem

Dr. Benjamin Tam - Isle Utilities

Dr. David Tompkins and PhD student Katie Ward - Aqua Enviro

Sarah Lyons - Davyhulme Treatment Works

Dr. Rick Watson - University of Manchester Intellectual Property (UMIP)

Dr. Linda Kahl - BioBricks Foundation

Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

Suppliers/ Sponsors

New England Biolabs, Qiagen, Promega, IDT, BioCatNet, IBCarb, Snapgene, Mathworks, Agilent

The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University

Design of Experiment (DoE)

Dr Markus Gershater - Synthace Ltd


CellProfiller: pipeline used in the paper "Evidence for Improved Encapsulated Pathway Behavior in a Bacterial Microcompartment through Shell Protein Engineering" published in ACS Synthetic Biology

by Chuchu Zhang, Christopher Jakobson, Marilyn Slininger Lee and Danielle Tullman-Ercek