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Human Practice

Collaboration with SIAT-SCIE

In collaboration with SIAT-SCIE, we held a workshop to communicate about our projects. We also help them with molecular cloning biology.

After several online contacts, we invited SIAT-SCIE to our lab and held the first workshop in SUSTech. The first part of the workshop was introduction of our ideas and methods, and we prepared a brief speech on background knowledge about microinjection and microfluidics which we used in our design. After our presentation, SIAT-SCIE also proposed their idea about the project and possible related research literatures.

What’s more, we also deeply exchanged our ideas about managing a project. And we reached an agreement that working in smaller groups and having group meeting is a good way to coordinate working progress and form a good working pattern.

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SIAT-SCIE project introduction
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Workshop with SIAT-SCIE

We also participated in South China iGEMer Meeting up held by SIAT-SCIE and Shenzhen_SFLS. The aim of this meeting was facilitate communication between college teams and high school teams. We also shared our ideas with other teams in the meeting.

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South China iGEMer Meeting up

Besides exchanging ideas, collaboration was also meaningful by giving help to other iGEM teams which experienced technical difficulties. For example, we taught them how to construct plasmid and we helped SIAT-SCIE construct their core plasmid in their project.

T--SUSTech Shenzhen--HP-15..png
SIAT-SCIE core plasmid


Collaboration with Shenzhen_SFLS

In the early July, Shenzhen_SFLS contacted us for help. They wanted to get instructions on modeling and the experimental problems of their protein engineering project.

In their protein-engineering project, they found their interested protein was mostly in inclusion body by BL21. So they couldn’t extract enough proteins out of engineered bacteria. With the help of structure biology professor Hongmin Zhang at SUSTech, we held a seminar with them to discuss how to deal with inclusion body. Prof. Zhang introduced the protocol of inclusion body washing, dissolution and renaturation, which helped solved their technical problems.

T--SUSTech Shenzhen--HP-17..png
Seminar with Prof. Zhang and Shenzhen_SFLS

We also held a workshop with them to exchange project ideas. And we were invited to give some instructions on their modeling.

Shenzhen_SFLS Wiki

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Introduce C.elegans to Shenzhen_SFLS

Made by from the elegans.Inc in SUSTech_Shenzhen.

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