Team:Austin UTexas/Attributions


The 2017 UT Austin iGEM Team would like to thank everyone who has helped us throughout this arduous, yet rewarding journey. It is because of their gracious support that we are able to celebrate the success of our project today.

The Principal Investigators of our team:

  • Dr. Dennis Mishler for providing project guidance
  • Dr. Jeffrey Barrick for providing project guidance

  • The following graduate students, postdocs, and labs have contributed to our project:

  • Sean Leonard for providing project guidance, erythromycin, and plasmids (pMSP3535, pBAV1k-T5-LUX, and pBAV1k-T5-gfp)
  • Kate Elston for providing project guidance, a workshop on conjugation technique, and numerous Golden Gate part plasmids
  • Julie Perreau for providing project guidance and a workshop on conjugation technique
  • Dr. Peng Geng for providing the gfp dropout and M13 terminator Golden Gate part plasmids
  • The Barrick lab for providing us with reagents, lab equipment, the extra lab space when necessary, and important part plasmids from UT's Golden Gate Part Repository.
  • The BioBricks FRI streamfor providing DH5-Alpha E. coli cells for chemical transformations
  • The Microbe Hackers FRI streamfor wet lab contributions and wiki edits.

  • The following iGEM team members contributed to various parts of our project:

  • Andrew Ly for assembling part plasmids, the P8/P32 promoter and gadB overexpression cassette plasmids in E. coli, working on a Golden Gate compatible pMSP3535 vector, and testing the erythromycin suscpetibility of E. coli
  • Rachel Johnson for work done on Human and Integrated Practices, Lactobacillus plantarum transformations and characterization, and part plasmid assembly
  • Andrea Martinez for helping with blue chromoprotein optimization and collaboration efforts
  • Eve Sharpee for working on the modeling involved in our project and part plasmid assembly
  • Ian Overman for completing the Interlab study
  • Jayvin Patel for finishing the judging forms and ensuring iGEM deadlines were met
  • Kevin Prabhu for working on aspects of the wiki
  • Matthew Hooper for leading our collaboration efforts with Texas Tech and Rice
  • Milki Negeri for completing the safety forms
  • Surta Dave for work done on blue chromoprotein optimization
  • Zachary Martinez for spearheading the design and implementation of the wiki page and creating the "Yo GABA GABA" logo

  • *All members contributed to the wiki.

    The following institutions graciously met up and collaborated with our team:

  • Rice University
  • Texas Tech University

  • The following people provided us with expert advice, helping us to shape our Human Practices endeavors:

  • Dr. Roger Gammons from the Heart Hospital of Austin for expansive advice on how to implement our project
  • Dr. Qingchun Tong from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston for guidance in developing our project
  • Dr. David Weiss from The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio for information about his current GABA research
  • Micki Marquardt from the Helping Hand Home for Children for helping us shape our future project direction and helping to consider ethical concerns

  • We received monetary support from the following sources:

  • The Freshmen Research Initiative at UT Austin
  • The Department of Molecular Biosciences at UT Austin
  • The Department of Neuroscience at UT Austin

  • The video loop used on our homepage is free to use under the Creative Commons license and was obtained from this link