A Self-Assembled DNA Nano-cube for the Diagnosis of H3N2 Influenza


DNA is always used as genetic material for information transfer over generations. Its programmability also allows the application in fabricating various objects for diagnostics and therapeutics as the field of DNA nanotechnology. This year, we used DNA to fabricate a three-dimensional cube that is responsive to the presence of H3N2 influenza mRNA biomarker. We used DNA and RNA oligos of the same sequence of the target for detection. From the result, we found that the DNA nano-cube specifically responses to the presence of target leading to the opening of the lid. This results in dissembling of the quadruplex formation and reduction in hemin-mediated peroxidase activity. We proved that a three-dimensional nano-device can be used for quick diagnosis within 30 minutes, and it is applicable for the detection of different biomarkers and we wish to largely produce this diagnostic device with engineered bacteria.