Team:HK SKHLPSS/Attributions


We would like to thank S.K.H. Li Ping Secondary School, and especially our Principal, for granting us endless support and resources in joining iGEM 2017 competition. This project would not succeed without the help from our school. We would like to thank Mr Wai-Cheong Lo, Ms Ka-Ka Lam, Mr Cheong-Tat Tse and Ms Grace Mei-Shan Man from our school for the continuous guidance and organization in this project and the experiments.

We would like to express our gratitude to iGEM HKU, especially Mr Simon Chi-Chin Shiu, advisor of both our team and iGEM HKU, for their all-time support throughout the whole project, from organising workshops to collaborating PAGE and cloning process in our experiments. Our project would not succeed without the help hands from iGEM HKU.

We would also like to thank Professor Julian Tanner from School of Biomedical Sciences of The University of Hong Kong for giving us advice on the modeling process and ways to prove our design. Also, we would like to thank Professor King Chow from Division of Life Science of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), for organising the iGEM safety workshop to Asia teams.

We would like to thank IDT technologiesfor sponsoring us the essential DNA and RNA strands used in this project. </div>


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