Team:HK SKHLPSS/Notebook


Working log for our project is as follow:

2016 Progress Venue
October Team formed for iGEM 2017 SKHLPSS
December Trial: Assemble of 2D nano-tweezer for E.coli detection SKHLPSS
2017 Progress Venue
February iGEM 2017 Registration SKHLPSS
February – May Brainstorming for suitable projects SKHLPSS
Early March Participated in Hong Kong Science and Technology competition Hong Kong Science Park
March 4 Human practice (Workshop) – HKU team first visit to our school SKHLPSS
April 8 Human practice (Workshop) – HKU team second visit to our school SKHLPSS
June 17 Human practice (Workshop) – iGEM Asia Team Leaders’ Workshop (HKUST) HKUST
  • Prelimenary test
  • G-quadruplex formation
  • Nano-cube DNA design
Early August
  • Nanostructure assembly
  • G-quadruplex formation
  • Conduct DNA peroxidase assay
August 11 Human practice (Idea exchange) – Meet with all Hong Kong teams in HKU HKU
Late August
  • Application with RNA
  • Conduct RNA peroxidase assay
  • Conduct native Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (Collaborated by HKU)
  • HKU
August 26 Human practice (Public engagement) – JSSE visit Hong Kong Central Library
Early September Cloning (Collaborated by HKU) HKU
October 25 Human practice (Public engagement) – School sharing session SKHLPSS
November 9 Giant Jamboree Boston, U.S.