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Team Members


Front row (from the left): SARAN Ravneet, LEE Ka Man (Carmen), GOYAL Abhinav, SHUKLA Yash Sanjaykuma, SUBAH Silma, KWAN Hiu Lam Rachel. Back row (from the left): TSANG To, WANG Yu Ling, KOO Cheon Hoi, DEY POONAM Aditi, TANG Tsz So Acacia, SONI Ruhi, Lai Hei Wai, Simon Chi-Chin Shiu, Timothy Theodore Tam Ka Ki.

The HKU iGEM Team 2017 is a large team of 16 student members, plus instructors and student advisors. All our members are from science disciplines, yet we have talents in many other areas, including art and design.

Student Leader

SHUKLA, Yash Sanjaykumar- Managed the team and delegate tasks. One of the members responsible for the experiment work

Design and Experiments: The following members played a crucial role in design the nanostructure and running the experiments to test the varied hypothesis

  • SARAN, Ravneet
  • KWAN, Hiu Lam Rachel
  • Tam, Ka Ki Timothy Theodore
  • SUBAH, Silma
  • TSANG, To
  • TANG, Tsz So Acacia

Human Practices: Helped organised the public engagement, doctor’s questionnaire and Biosafety meetup

  • KOO, Cheon Hoi
  • LEE, Ka Man Carmen
  • SONI, Ruhi
  • DEY POONAM, Aditi
  • WANG, Yu Ling

Website Design

  • GOYAL, Abhinav
  • LINARDI, Clarissa
  • VASHISHTHA, Anushka

PI’s – Dr TANNER, Julian Alexander and Dr WONG, Alan Siu Lun

Dr. Tanner Dr. Wong

Dr. Tanner (left) and Dr. Wong (right) are current Associate and Assistant Professors at the School of Biomedical Sciences, the University of Hong Kong, and the PI and the secondary PI of our team this year respectively. Dr. Tanner and Dr. Wong provided invaluable guidance and support to the team throughout the competition. It is due to Dr. Tanner’s impeccable talk, our Biosafety conference was a success.


Mr. Simon Chi-Chin Shiu

Simon is a PhD student under the tutelage of Dr. Julian Tanner at the School of Biomedical Sciences, The University of Hong Kong. Simon has been very helpful in guiding and advising the team through every step, from the designing stage to the experimental stage.

Mr. Lai Hei Wai

Part of the 2016 team. Provided us with support and feedback based on his previous experience.

Special thanks:

Ms. Ling Chim Chan, Jess

Jess is a laboratory technician at the School of Biomedical Sciences, The University of Hong Kong. Jess has been the hero within our team, explaining and demonstrating different laboratory techniques, lending various apparatus to us and staying with us until late at night during the summer.

Dr WONG, Brian Choi Wah

Dr. Wong generously lent out the DNA models for the Joint School Science exhibition which greatly enhanced the learning experience of our viewers.

Our sponsors

Our gratitude to all these generous sponsors who supported our team through the way! Our project will not be successful without our sponsors.

Campus Units

  • School of Biomedical sciences, The university of Hong Kong
  • Faculty of Science, The University of Hong Kong
  • Chui’s Student Excellence Scheme, CEDARS of HKU
  • Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong


  • Pacific Blossom
  • Ricardo Lee and Associates Law Office
  • Snapgene

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