Team:Hong Kong HKU/Engagement

Public Engagement

The 50th Joint School Science Exhibition (JSSE)was held by the Joint School Science Exhibition Preparation Committee (JSSEPC) from 25th August to 28th August, 2017. It comprised of booths set up by both local and foreign high schools, as well as local universities in order to promote science to the community.

Through our booth, we were able to spread awareness about synthetic biology and recent advances in DNA nanotechnology to the general public. We communicated the basic scientific principles and the importance of scientific knowledge to both adults and children of different backgrounds and had a lot of fun teaching kids about DNA through a hands-on DNA Paper folding activity.

We were also able to gauge the knowledge gap in relation to DNA nanotechnology within the general public and, to an extent, assist in bridging it by engaging in short discussions with all those who visited us. This instilled in us the realization of the need for effective scientific communication with the community as a whole, especially where new innovations are concerned.