Team:Hong Kong HKU/Collaborations


Mentoring Local High School iGEM Team

This is the first time S.K.H Li Ping Secondary School is participating in the iGEM Competition. A collaboration visit was carried out in March with S.K.H Li Ping Secondary School, where we had a meet-and-greet session with students and exchanged basic knowledge about synthetic biology, iGEM, and our projects. It was a great opportunity to witness young bright minds keen on tackling real-life scientific problems. A second visit was carried out in April in the form of a workshop, where we taught the students on the basics of DNA and DNA nanotechnology, as well as extracting their own DNA using everyday commodities such as salt and meat tenderizer.

Project Collaboration with High School

Due to a shortage of certain equipment in the high school we helped to produce the plasmid for the submitting their device onto the registry. The transformation, cloning and miniprep extraction of their desired plasmid insert was conducted by our team. It was a great learning opportunity for us to learn about their project and design. This collaboration allowed us to advise the school about how to make more stable designs. Despite it being arduous to finish the submission of both our team’s and the high school's, we believed that it was essential that the fantastic designs generated by the school reach safely to the iGEM foundation.

University Collaboration

In emphasizing the ‘I’ in the iGEM, we have been very active in seeking collaborations among local institutes as well as international ones. We are delighted to announce that our Team organized a Biosafety Sharing Session in August, featuring members (both team project leaders and members alike) from all Hong Kong iGEM University and High School Teams, namely, HKUST, CUHK, UCCKE, LPSS, in addition to the SUSTech iGEM 2017 team from Shenzhen, the first ever in Hong Kong.

During this sharing session, all iGEM teams presented their projects and exchanged ideas. We were also enlightened by Ms. Maria Li, one of the Co-Founders of the Biohack organization DIYBIO HK, who gave us an informative talk on how we can uphold biosafety in both university and high school laboratory environments. The sharing session was, without doubt, a huge success.