Team:Lethbridge/Basic Part

All basic parts pages were created on the registry of standard biological parts. This year we designed basic parts for all 38 genes essential for prokaryotic transcription and translation (TX-TL) in addition to several other basic parts that comprise the tRNA purification system and TX-TL validation and measurement construct.

Basic Parts Table

BioBrick Protein Gene
BBa_K2443040 AlaRS
BBa_K2443041 ArgRS
BBa_K2443042 AsnRS
BBa_K2443043 AspRS
BBa_K2443044 CysRS
BBa_K2443045 GlnRS
BBa_K2443046 GluRS
BBa_K2443047 GlyRS Alpha subunit
BBa_K2443048 GlyRS Beta subunit
BBa_K2443049 HisRS
BBa_K2443050 IleRS
BBa_K2443051 LeuRS
BBa_K2443052 LysRS
BBa_K2443053 MetRS
BBa_K2443054 PheRS Alpha subunit
BBa_K2443055 PheRS Beta subunit
BBa_K2443056 ProRS
BBa_K2443057 SerRS
BBa_K2443058 ThrRS
BBa_K2443059 TrpRS
BBa_K2443060 TyrRS
BBa_K2443061 ValRS
BBa_K2443062 MTF
BBa_K2443063 IF1
BBa_K2443064 IF2
BBa_K2443065 IF3
BBa_K2443066 EF-G
BBa_K2443067 EF-Tu
BBa_K2443068 EF-Ts
BBa_K2443069 RF1
BBa_K2443070 RF2
BBa_K2443071 RF3
BBa_K2443072 RRF
BBa_K2443073 MK
BBa_K2443074 CK
BBa_K2443075 NDK
BBa_K2443076 PPiase
BBa_K2443077 T7 RNA Polymerase
BBa_K2443082 EYFP with C-terminal Flag Tag
BBa_K2443083 Spinach RNA Aptamer
BBa_K2443084 pT7 shortend
BBa_K2443085 tRNAPhe
BBa_K2443086 MS2 Hairpin with 5' spacer
BBa_K2443087 MS2 Hairpin