Team:Lethbridge/Composite Part

All composite parts pages were created on the registry of standard biological parts. Contains all 38 proteins essential for prokaryotic transcription and translation (TX-TL) as well 2 additional constructs for purification of tRNAPhe and TX-TL validation.

Composite Parts Table

BioBrick Protein Full Construct
BBa_K2443000 AlaRS pT7-mRBS-AlaRS-dT
BBa_K2443001 ArgRS pT7-mRBS-ArgRS-dT
BBa_K2443002 AsnRS pT7-mRBS-AsnRS-dT
BBa_K2443003 AspRS pT7-mRBS-AspRS-dT
BBa_K2443004 CysRS pT7-mRBS-CysRS-dT
BBa_K2443005 GlnRS pT7-mRBS-GlnRS-dT
BBa_K2443006 GluRS pT7-mRBS-GluRS-dT
BBa_K2443007 GlyRS alpha subunit pT7-mRBS-GlyRSAlpha-dT
BBa_K2443008 GlyRS beta subunit pT7-mRBS-GlyRSBeta-dT
BBa_K2443009 HisRS pT7-mRBS-HisRS-dT
BBa_K2443010 IleRS pT7-mRBS-IleRS-dT
BBa_K2443011 LeuRS pT7-mRBS-LeuRS-dT
BBa_K2443012 LysRS pT7-mRBS-LysRS-dT
BBa_K2443013 MetRS pT7-mRBS-MetRS-dT
BBa_K2443014 PheRS alpha subunit pT7-mRBS-PheRSAlpha-dT
BBa_K2443015 PheRS beta subunit pT7-mRBS-PheRSBeta-dT
BBa_K2443016 ProRS pT7-mRBS-ProRS-dT
BBa_K2443017 SerRS pT7-mRBS-SerRS-dT
BBa_K2443018 ThrRS pT7-mRBS-ThrRS-dT
BBa_K2443019 TrpRS pT7-mRBS-TrpRS-dT
BBa_K2443020 TyrRS pT7-mRBS-TyrRS-dT
BBa_K2443021 ValRS pT7-mRBS-ValRS-dT
BBa_K2443022 MTF pT7-mRBS-MTF-dT
BBa_K2443023 IF1 pT7-mRBS-IF1-dT
BBa_K2443024 IF2 pT7-mRBS-IF2-dT
BBa_K2443025 IF3 pT7-mRBS-IF3-dT
BBa_K2443026 EF-G pT7-mRBS-EFG-dT
BBa_K2443027 EF-Tu pT7-mRBS-EFTu-dT
BBa_K2443028 EF-Ts pT7-mRBS-EFTs-dT
BBa_K2443029 RF1 pT7-mRBS-RF1-dT
BBa_K2443030 RF2 pT7-mRBS-RF2-dT
BBa_K2443031 RF3 pT7-mRBS-RF3-dT
BBa_K2443032 RRF pT7-mRBS-RRF-dT
BBa_K2443033 MK pT7-mRBS-MK-dT
BBa_K2443034 CK pT7-mRBS-CK-dT
BBa_K2443035 NDK pT7-mRBS-NDK-dT
BBa_K2443036 PPiase pT7-mRBS-PPiase-dT
BBa_K2443037 T7 RNA Polymerase pT7-mRBS-T7 RNA Polymerase-dT
BBa_K2443038 tRNAPhe pT7-tRNAPhe-2xMS2 Hairpin-dT
BBa_K2443039 EYFP-Spinach pT7-mRBS-EYFP-Spinach-dT