Team:Missouri Rolla/Attributions



Missouri S&T iGEM is entirely student-run as a design team under the Student Design and Experiential Learning Center. All lab work is performed by members trained through our Lab Training Program. Our members chose our project with inspiration from Dr. Joel Burken, and our wonderful advisors Dr. Katie Shannon and Dr. David Westenberg are always available for advice.

Our lab received generous financial support from the Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering departments at Missouri S&T, and Fred Kielhorn. New England BioLabs provided us with essential lab supplies, and the free DNA from Integrated DNA Technologies formed an integral part of our project this year.

Thanks to Midwest Scientific for donating supplies. Monsanto and Intact Genomics generously donated to the team.

Barbara and Richard Walberg, Darren and Rhonda Yarbrough, Levi Palmer, Melissa Talbott, and Kapila Shubhender graciously contributed to our crowdfunding campaign.

Carter Lloyd created this wiki with the help of Erin Nischwitz, Kent Gorday, Jeremy Mesa, Alexander Go, and Maya Hanson. Kent Gorday trained new lab workers in the Spring and Fall semesters.

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