Team:Missouri Rolla/Team



The Missouri university iGEM team was originally founded in 2007 with a small group of students with similar interests. Since its founding, the iGEM team has rapidly grown over the years. We are currently proud members of the Student Design and Experiential Learning Center, utilizing resources and knowledge to follow a respected campus tradition, working together as a team towards a common goal. The iGEM team is almost entirely student led, with hands on projects under the watch of trained supervisors.


Executive Board
Name Major Involvement
Erin Nischwitz Chemistry President, Lab, Web, Public Relations
Ryan Baumann Biological Sciences Vice President, Lab, Web
Jesus Ramos Chemical Engineering Public Relations Chair
Renae Rogge Chemical Engineering Fundraising Chair
Paige Dierkes Biological Sciences WebMaster
Kaelyn Yarbrough Chemical Engineering Secretary
Kent Gorday Physics Lab Manager, Web
Jessica Brooks Biological Sciences Lab
Zach Burnham Biological Sciences Lab
Hannah Cannady Biological Sciences Fundraising
Lynell Cunningham Biological Sciences Lab
Jesse George Biochemical Engineering Public Relations
Maya Hanson Biochemical Engineering Public Relations & Web
Victoria Kramer Chemical Engineering Public Relations
Tiffany Kuhnert Mechanical Engineering Public Relations & Lab
Carter Lloyd Biochemical Engineering Web
Jenna Massie Biological Sciences Lab
Elissa Mefford Ceramic Engineering Public Relations & Fundraising
Walker Peatross Biological Sciences Lab
Kambria Rapp Chemical Engineering Lab
Savannah Wilson Mechanical Engineering and Biological Sciences Web & Lab