Team:Missouri Rolla/Collaborations



Skype with iGEM Lund - October 3, 2017 - We were excited to Skype with Lund’s iGEM Team. We specifically talked a lot about our experiences at last year’s iGEM and loved hearing about their creative and extensive human practices. Lund also had questions about how an iGEM team that does not turn over every year, as many do, functions and the benefits and detractions of doing that.

Missouri S&T Regional Meetup - August 12, 2017 - We enjoyed hosting a mini-regional meetup when Washington University in St. Louis’ iGEM Team traveled to our campus. Both of our teams had the chance to present our projects and discuss how our projects would be continuing as we approached Jamboree. We also chatted about their experience with Integrated Human Practices and how we may improve as a team in the future. Our team and advisor also gave our advice on how to transform plants, though it was also new to our team.