iGEM Peshawar

iGEM Peshawar 2017 Collaborations

Our team truly believes that sharing and collaboration are the two core values of iGEM
and this is what makes iGEM a unique competition. We aided the following teams throughout our project.
We are happy we could help!
What we did for them!

The plasmid sent by the team containing NrtA gene was successfully:

  • Transformed
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    What they said about us!

    "We are glad to receive the amazing result and appreciate your hard work. The collaboration is absolutely meaningful to our team owing to your contribution..."

    "The conclusion of our collaboration reminds us of modifying our design by taking signal peptide under consideration. In fact, we have conducted a functional test for determining the capability of NrtA with a semi-permeable membrane system..."

    What They needed!

    They needed us to analyze their project, and identify possible complications.

    They sent us their project which can be viewed below:

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    What we did for them!

    We analyzed their project carefully and found some complications. We also suggested solutions to these complications.

    Our report can be viewed below:

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    iGEM TU Dresden

    iGEM TU Dresden organized iGEM Goes Green collaboration for environmental impact by each participating team. We collaborated with iGEM DU Dresden to calculate carbon footprint of our lab, trip to Boston, and to make a awareness video for general public.

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    iGEM Uppsala

    iGEM Uppsala organized online discussion on ethics related to genetic engineering, social responsibility, and intellectual property rights (IPR). We participated in discussion on ethics of IPR.

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    iGEM Technion Israel

    iGEM Technion Israel organized tolerance photo challenge in which each collaborating team had to capture a video for their team showing tolerance for team members irrespective of any discriminating background. We collaborated with them for the tolerance photo challenge.

    iGEM Michigan

    GEM Michigan developed an online protocol catalogue named ProtoCat. We collaborated with iGEM Michigan Software to beta test their software in various aspects of it’s version 4.0.

    iGEM Franconia

    We collaborated with iGEM Franconia to design a biological themed card game. The game contains various cards of pathogens, antimicrobial agents, and similar things which are designed by teams collaborating in designing this game.

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    iGEM KU Leuven

    For better understanding of the iGEM projects, iGEM KU Leuven developed an online catalogue containing translated projects of other teams into various languages. We collaborated with iGEM KU Leuven to translate projects of various iGEM teams into our native language Urdu.

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    iGEM Sheffield

    iGEM Sheffield’s this year project is about development of a device for detection of multidrug resistance (MDR) specifically in urinary tract infections (UTIs). We gathered data about prevalence of MDR in Pakistan, the tests used by physicians for detection of MDR, and the way they prescribe medicines for MDR infections.

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    iGEM Tel Hai

    We conducted a Skype session with iGEM Tel Hai and discussed each other’s projects. We helped iGEM Tel Hai by proposing different ideas about their wiki design. We also discussed various other aspects of our projects and suggested improvements.

    iGEM SMS China

    We provided them information about scale insects, their prevalence, and major diseases caused by them in Pakistan.

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