iGEM Peshawar


BBa # Parts Function Part Source Size Type Part Description
Bba_K2518012 PnrsB Regulatory Cyanobacterium Syneochocystis sp. PCC6803 185 bp Basic Nickel inducible promoter
Bba_K2518000 CP-Lilac CDS Goniopora tenuidens 719 bp Basic GFP-like chromoprotein gives purple blue color
BBA_K2518001 Sulcata Green-CP CDS Anemonia sulcata 753 bp Basic GFP-like chromoprotein gives intense purple color once activated
Bba_K2518011 As-Device Device 1396 bp Composite Arsenic inducible promoter combined with yellow fluorescent protein reporter
Bba_K2518010 Rfp2 Double devices 2138 bp Composite Double rfp coding devices quickly gives intense purple color
Bba_K1724002 MerR Devices 508 bp Composite MerR transcriptional factor with strong promoetr, strong RBS and double TT