During our project, we contributed to the iGEM community as best we could. Besides participating in the Interlab Study organized by iGEM, we also developed different tools: one that can be utilized to plot bacteria growth and one that suggests potential target regions in a given sequence by screening for length, GC content and the nucleotide at the protospacer flanking site (PFS). The program also provides the accompanying DNA oligos to order, which, after annealing, are ready for ligation into the Cas13a CRISPR-array with an interchangeable spacer (part: BBa_K2306013). These two tools can be found by following the link to Useful Utilities. Furthermore, we developed a software tool that contains scripts intended for retrieving antibiotic resistance sequences from online databases, finding conserved regions in said sequences, postprocessing them to comply to the Cas13a crRNA requirements, and finally showing this and the relevant statistics visually. Lastly, as part of our Education and Public Engagement efforts, we developed a video project that can help future iGEM teams do better Integrated Human Practices. Please click on the links below to find out more!

InterLab Study
Useful Utilities
Software Tool
Video Project