During our iGEM project, our team appeared in multiple local newspapers and magazines. With our stories, we aimed to inspire the public about the potential of synthetic biology and educated the public about our project. In addition, we collaborated with the Communication Department of the TU Delft. A press release and more outreach will follow during the Grand Jamboree.
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Gabriella Tany in Zoetermeers Dagblad

Kimberly Barentsen in Scheveningsche Courant

Kasper Spoelstra in Rijswijks Dagblad

Kasper Spoelstra in Rijswijks Dagblad

Hielke Walinga in Frieschlands Dagblad and Sneeker Nieuwsblad

Kelly Hamers in De Halsterse Zuidwestkrant

Jeroen Jacques in Noord-Hollands Dagblad

Floor de Jong in De Brug Nijmegen

Kelly Hamers in Gazet Bergen op Zoom

Article in Vision of Life magazine by Aafke van Aalst

Article in mRNA magazine by Guillermo Serena Ruiz