During our work, we wanted to keep all our sponsors, friends, families and other interested parties updated on our progress. Therefore, we wrote a monthly newsletter, which contains the most important wetlab and drylab activities, as well as PR and sponsoring updates. Read it all (again) here!

  • June
    iGEM TUDelft newsletter June
    Hello. This is our very first newsletter of iGEM TUDelft 2017. In the newsletters you can read all about what we are and what we will be doing. You will find updates, insights, pictures, videos, and upcoming events. Our newsletters keep you engaged with your project. We would like to share our progress and keep you posted! Enjoy!
  • July
    iGEM TUDelft newsletter July
    Hi, we hope that you are enjoying the summer holidays! In our case, we are still diligently working in our office and lab. That being said, here is a small peek at what we were up to in June.
  • August
    iGEM TUDelft newsletter July
    Hello, time flies by when you’re having fun! A month has already passed and we have been busy as bees. Without further delay, here is a short summary of what we have been up to in the month July.
  • September
    iGEM TUDelft newsletter September
    Hello, We have got some exciting news! Not only did we make a lot of progress in the drylab and wetlab, but also in the category of sponsoring. Today we officially launch our crowdfunding! Scroll down for more detail and other exciting news.