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Team:TUST China 2017


Bacterial cellulose is a macromolecule which is composed of glucose group forming β -1, 4-glycosidic bond. In nature, there are many cellulose originated from different source, such as plant cellulose, seaweed cellulose and bacterial cellulose. In between, bacterial cellulose is polymerized from pure D-glucose with high purity and doesn’t contain other polysaccharides.

As the advancement of molecular biology and deeper understanding in the nature of bacterial cellulose along with its synthesis mechanism in recent year, bacterial cellulose has applied in food, medicine, chemical industry and worsted fabrics.





wound healing


However , low yield and high costs of bacterial cellulose limit its wider application. Therefore, our project is dedicated to increase the yield of bacterial cellulose

We improve the internal metabolic pathway and external fermentation conditions of G.xylinus hoping to improve its yield of BC