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Team:TUST China 2017

Team Introduction

On this page, you can find the information about everybody contributed to the project.

Talented Team Members


Tingyue Deng

Major : " Fermentation Engineering( winemaker ) "

Introduction : " I’m the founder of Tianjin university of science & technology and the team leader of TUST_China.I aimed to devote all my passion to the research of Syn-Bio. "

Feelings : " I’m so lucky to work along with such excellent and funny teammates "

Hobbies : " I enjoy drawing & traveling "

Runkai Zhang

Major : " Biotechnology "

Introduction : " Dancing boy which name they first knowed me. But following the time, wiki Zhang, the helper who is so sunny to everyboy is me. I'm so great isn't it? "

Feelings : " Become a iGEMer will never give up, So great wikis are! you can see these. The pages are the most legendary engineering to me, and I finished them. "

Hobbies : " I always lose myself in the music to dance "


Qinzhi Teng

Major : " Bioengineering (brewing and distilling) "

Introduction : " I'm a junior student major in bioengineering and I also go for Meg. I mainly work on developing application and art designing this year. Curiosity and implementation capacity push me into exploring the unknown things, and I'm willing to experience new things. Through iGEM, I practiced the text knowledge and improved the problem solving skills which is a precious experience. "

Hobbies : " Wow, I'm fascinated by selfie. In my free time, I spend a lot of time on staring at the floor and thinking about something happened around. "

Yating Zhang

Major : " Pharmaceutical Engineering (Pharmaceutical Synthesis&Design) "

Introduction : " I am responsible for the application part and art design. Whenever I finish my masterpieces, I could feel a sense of achievement. Indeed, I also find our team members quite appreciate it. "

Feelings : " It's so great to work with those like-minded teammates. "

Hobbies : " Work hard,play hard and get enough sleep. I really enjoy lovely food and playing hand-tour. : ) "


Jiayu Jin

Major : " Food Science and technology "

Introduction : " HP in charge,vitamin of TUST-China. The greatest contribution is to take our team members to eat all kinds of delicious food. "

Feelings : " I hate iGEM and I love iGEM.Even though sometimes I feel extremely annoyed but I finally hold it.And I've been so lucky to become a member of iGEM TUST-China. "

Hobbies : " Eating, Shopping,Reading "

Lin Zhou

Major : " Brewing and distilling "

Introduction : " Female "

Feelings : " Horrible "

Hobbies : " Sleeping "


Botao He(undertone)

Major : " Pharmaceutical Engineering (Microbial Pharmaceutics) "

Introduction : " I am the man with the most dark skin in our team.Meanwhile, I am a very active and optimistic boy. "

Feelings : " It is very meaningful for me to take part in iGEM, because it makes me learn more knowledge about synthetic biology. I make many friends with like-minded people and know the significance of teamwork, which is unforgettable. "

Hobbies : " listen to music ,take exercise and sports such as basketball, table tennis, billiards etc. "

Yutong Zhang

Major : " Biotechnology "

Introduction : " I'm a smart girl major in biotechnology with high GPA. I'm also a lovely girl with passion and responsibility in work and life.It's my great honor to optimize the metabolic pathway of Gluconacetobacter xylinus and then improve production of BC. "

Feelings : " Be persistent will make an achievement. "

Hobbies : " Photograph "


Congying Wang

Major : " Bioengineering "

Introduction : " I'm a iGEMer of TUST_China. I worked on experiments in the team. That is a impressive experience. "

Feelings : " I'm so lucky to become a iGEMer and make friends with such cute person. "

Hobbies : " Reading and traveling "

Yingqi Miao

Major : " Pharmaceutical Engineering (Microbial Pharmaceutics) "

Introduction : " Do experiments and construct the system in E.coli. To help accomplish some parts. "

Feelings : " pressure to be the member of the first session of TUST-iGEM "

Hobbies : " Traveling and experimenting (only can I get the results) "


Peng Jiao

Major : " Pharmaceutical Engineering (Microbial Pharmaceutics) "

Introduction : " Always be quiet but hearts full of thoughts,sometimes be recognized as cool,so all of us call me 'TUST-boy' "

Feelings : " Regret for one year because of taking part in iGEM,but regret all my life if I could not undergo it. "

Hobbies : " Traveling,reading and taking a photograph.What's more,listening to music is my pursuit of happy life. "

Wenxin Lin

Major : " Brewing and Distilling "

Introduction : " I am mainly in charge of the Co-culture system exploring working. "

Feelings : " iGEM is a kind of amazing team work "

Hobbies : " Cates and traveling "


Junran Xie

Major : " Bioengineering (brewing and distilling) "

Introduction : " I am a 3rd year students from the international college and I am going to Heriot-Watt University to finish my degree in the 4th year and learn about whiskey and beer brewing in Edinburgh. Learning biology in English and having previous working experiences in translation enables me to complete writing major parts of our project on wiki."

Feelings : " Working on iGEM is really tiring and also a memorable experiences . Learning about synthetic biology, the frontier subject in this field is really excited. Being able to plan and do experiments for our project helps me to understand the knowledge taught in the class more comprehensively and feel real. It is also a valuable chance to work with so many wonderful students in this team. "

Hobbies : " I have always enjoyed singing in a choir since elementary school. Love playing badminton and table tennis. Love the culture of craft beer and whiskey. Hoping to get to know more interesting people. "

Advisors and Mentors


Doctor Longhui Huang

Major : " Fermentation Engineering "

Introduction : " I'm the instructor of Tianjin university of science&technology . "

Feelings : " It is my great honor to work with so many partners who enjoy synthetic biology. "

Hobbies : " I enjoy tasting cuisines & listening music "


Professor Cheng Zhong

Graduated from Tianjin University

Worked in the University of Leipzig in Germany (by t Leipzig Universit (Michigan), the Michigan State University State University) as a visiting scholar

2013 was selected as the second level of "131" innovative talents in Tianjin

Member of the Chinese society of Biochemistry and molecular biology, Chinese society of Biochemistry , molecular biology, Chinese society of microbiology.