Team:TUST China/Human Practices

Team:TUST China 2017

Human Practices

TUST-China iGEM 2017 has been focusing on how to increase the yield of bacterial cellulose and develop its new applications.

In order to influence and improve our project, we have done a lot of human practices work.

Integrated and Gold

  • Expert Consultation
  • Consulting BC Company
  • Questionnaire
  • Outreah
  • Seminar with Tianjin University

From the very beginning we have interviewed an expert, Prof. JIA Shiru who specializes in microbial fermentation,for his professional viewpoints and deep understanding about BC. We also did an investigation about the superiority of BC as a wound dressing. Through these work we understood that raising BC yield is an urgent problem to be solved and BC has a lot of good performance that can be exploited and developed. We also went Tianjin university and communicated with team iGEM-Tianjin. We introduced our projects and give suggestions to each other. Besides, we conducted a questionnaire survey to gather information about public acceptance of new BC mask. The result was optimistic. All these works motivated us to figure out a better solution. As we near the end of the project, we visited the factory and asked their views on our project. They thought our work was very meaningful and has been achieved increasing BC production. All of these work has affected and improved our project and every time we had a lot of gains.

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Public Engagement

  • Propaganda of iGEM from Tianjin University
  • Social Engagement
  • Education

Team iGEM-Tianjin came to help us propagate synthetic biology and iGEM comptition when we began to build a team. A lot of students came and they showed a strong interest in synthetic biology and iGEM. In the community, we spread knowledge about genetically modified foods to the public and told them to treat genetically modified foods rationally. Besides, we introduced synthetic biology to them and give them brochures about synthetic biology and the iGEM competition. We also went to a middle school and generalized the knowledge of synthetic biology to students.We've also introduced iGEM to them and showed them how to take part in iGEM as a high school student.

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iGEM Community

  • Attending lecture in Peking
  • Seminar with Peking
  • Five Teams Meetup
  • CCIC

We have a lot of communication with other iGEM teams of China. Especially Team Peking and Team iGEM-Tianjin. We also received a lot of help from them. Every communication and activity was meaningful and full of joy, all of us iGEMer had a lot of gains.

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