Team Members

Myriam Azzarelli
alias Southside Cobra

Amu team-myriam azzarelli.jpeg

Hi! I'm Myriam alias Mimi, student in neurosciences. I discovered iGEM thanks to a friend. I'm such a curious person and I like to work with a group, so iGEM turn out to be THE perfect experience to live. Oh, and if you saw a Koala's drawing somewhere, it's probably me.

Thibault Bongiovanni
alias Anaconda

Amu team thibault bongiovanni.jpeg

I am a third year student in Biochemistry and Biopharmaceutical Chemistry, I wanted to be a part of the iGEM competition to combine innovation and biology. During the summer, I mainly worked on the phage and its characterization. I really enjoy the way we can mix science, teamwork, communication and management.

Jeremy Cartalas
alias Death Adder

Amu team jeremy cartalas.jpg

My name is Jérémy, and I am a third year student in Cell Biology. At first I joined the team to work in biology synthetic project but at last the iGEM competition learn me so many in biology, and also so many in communication and financement.

Hussein Daher
alias Rattlesnake


Hay everybody my name is Hussein a.k.a Rattlesnake, I'm a member of Aix-Marseille iGEM team KILLXYL. I joined the team at my third year of bachelor in biochemistry. I was grateful of being a part of this team and to meet a lot of lovely and wonderful people. I fell truly blessed for going through with this experience and sharing it with other people.

Lucile Dupré
alias Cottonmouth

Amu team lucile-dupré new.jpg

Hi ! I'm Lucile, a post-graduate student in Biotechnology. I discovered iGEM through my studies. I applied because I am passionated about biology and I love challenges. When I am not filling test tubes in a lab, I either work for a gaming association for which I am the supreme leader, or I cuddle my cute baby dog. iGEM is a great adventure, and I am glad to be part of it.

Ema El Djoudi
alias Bird Snake

Team amu ema el djoudi.jpeg

My name is Ema, I'm a second year student in Cellular Biology in Aix-Marseille Université. I'm close to nature and this is why this project is important to me.

Soraya El Hamdaoui
alias Panther Snake

Team amu soraya em hamdaoui.jpeg

I’m a 23 years old Biochemist I’ve been taking part in the Wet Lab experiments during all the past summer in order to achieve our objective. I’ve been leaving Marseille and my team very recently for another city in France ( Lyon ) where I study health engineering as a Master degree. Being involved on such a scale for this internship was a brand new experience for me and I’m glad I did it for all the experience it brought me. Manipulating, coordinating and working as a team on such a long and complete project was amazing and really gave me a decent preview of what working in a research team for a PhD would be.

Erwan Eriau
alias Fiddle-string Snake

Amu team erwan eriau.png

I am pursuing a PharmD/PhD degree in the intent of contributing to biomedical research, with a focus on gene networks dynamics and stability. To that end, I use tools from modelling, control theory, microfluidics and optogenetics. Here at iGEM AMU, I took care mainly of modelling (but not exclusively, that's the point of iGEM!) When I want to have fun, I either shoot bows or travel!

Lisa Frugoli
alias Tiger Snake

Amu team lisa frugoli.png

Hi ! I’m Lisa, I’m an undergraduate student in biotechnology and I’m glad to participate to this international competition. I decided to join it because I’m passionate about applied biology. I especially like the concept of BioBricks. Also, to be part of a team is a great experience that I recommend to every student !

Camille Garcia
alias California Mountain Snake

AMU team camille garcia.jpeg

Hi ! I'm a student in Biochemistry and Biophysics. What I love about this field is to explore complex mechanisms of molecular machines. iGEM competition appeared to me as an opportunity to build a scientific project, it's also a great social experience. Apart from that, I'm a recovering memes addict and I love cartoons, ponies and cartoon with ponies.

Emeline Goll
alias Viper

Amu team emeline goll.png

Hello ! My name is Emy and i'm a third year student in neurosciences in Marseille. I decided to take part in iGEM because I wanted to see how being in a research team was, and I thought it could be more interesting as we are all students from different courses.

Guillaume Hernandez
alias Fox Snake

Amu team Guigui.png

Hi ! I'm Guillaume and I'm a student in electrical engineering. iGEM competition is for me the opportunity to construct collaboratively a project. I really liked to work on the hardware part of the project. Finally, I love working out while listening to Taylor Swift songs !

Sophie Laporte
alias Black Mamba

AMU team sophie laporte2.jpg

I study Biological Engineering at Polytech Marseille. As a fun-loving and adventurous type, I love to get out and about, to explore the natural world surrounding us and travel to far-away places. I feel very close with the team I spent my summer with, and I hope they loved working (and playing!) with me as much as I loved working with them. I decided to push forwards and do the iGEM competition because it allowed me to get multidisciplinary experience and discover other aspects of science, while enabling me to learn how to coordinate properly with other lab-crews and giving me the opportunity to support the whole project in english.

Robin Mera
alias Asian Taipan

Amu team robin mera.png

I'm a postgraduate student in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Marseille. My sweetness and my sense of humor make me likeable, as my Kill Bill nickname suggests. I am passionate for science, sport and travels and I’d like to work abroad in the future. I have been very implied in the iGEM competition ( coordinating and doing all kind of lab work ) from the beginning since it represents for me a real opportunity to develop various skills in a different context from what I am used to.

Marie Salomon-Mallet
alias Spectacled Cobra

Amu team marie salomon mallet.jpeg

Hi! I'm Marie and I'm a master student in chemistry for the living. I heard about iGEM from a friend and I joined the team because it seemed like a wonderful experience. I learned so much during these past months! And I was delighted to help in the lab this summer. Not to brag but I'm exceptionally funny (if you're into dad jokes ;) ).

Julien Santoni
alias Green Whip Snake

Amu team Julien.png

Hello, I'm Julien and I study electrical engineering at Polytech Marseille. I'm from Corsican descent, which I'm really proud of. I chose to be in the iGEM competition since it gives me the opportunity to develop skills in another scientific context. In Corsica we say : "Hè megliu pocu chè micca" which can be translated as "Doing a little is better than doing nothing".

Flora Sciuto
alias Milk Snake

Amu team flora sciuto.png

Hi, I'm Flora. I am a student in third year of Cellular Biology in Marseille. I love Nature, music and travelling. By the way, I am studying in Germany during one year. I have been interested in iGEM competition to work in a pluridisciplinary team while developping knowledge and skills in Biology.

Louis Villard
alias Blunthead Tree Snake

Amu team louis villard.jpeg

Hi, i'm a Computer scientist and i'll got my master software systems integration. I'm interested by all scientific field, mathematics physics and biology, that's why i chose to get involved in this engineering competition. iGEM ​​is a great challenge and a good way to learn how to work in team and apply what we learn at school. More personally, i love science-fiction and i dream improving future of humankind.


Tangui Messina
alias Fire Snake

Amu team Tangui Messina.jpeg

Fond of biology since childhood and loving bio classes since high school, I went into med school for 6 weeks... After a year of work, I started to study biotechnology then cell biology and got a master degree. Last year, I participated to iGEM with Highway to platinum which is my best scientific experience. Now I'm back for this new awesome project : KILL XYL !

Martin Mestdagh
alias Blood Python

AMU team martin mestdagh.png

Hey hey, I'm Marty, a student in bioinformatics to become a data-analyst/manager. I'm happy to be part of the iGEM competition because that's an awesome adventure. I learned many things about me, about teamwork and I also learned a lot from all other members of our team. I discovered much about the realization of a project for this competition. Since four years I wanted to participate to iGEM competition and now great Scott I'm here!! I dream of space conquest and I like watching science-fiction movies and of course I'm a geek!! Don't look the picture behind me it's an old thing.

François Morlet
alias Mucalinda


Hello ! I'm a second year MSc student in Computer Science (Computer Graphics and Computer Vision). Biology is fun, so helping the team this year was an awesome experience ! Software can be very useful for synthetic biology (and inversely?!), and the parallels between these two fields are also very interesting. In particular, legal aspects are a very high stakes topic for both, and I do believe free diffusion of knowledge is necessary if we truly want these technologies to benefit humanity as a whole.

Valérie Prima
alias Cat Snake

Amu team valérie prima.jpg

Hi, my name is Valérie Prima, I've been working as an engineer in James Sturgis Laboratory « Laboratoire des Systèmes macromoléculaires » in Marseille (France) for 17 years. I'm studying the photosystem of purple bacteria, using molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysic technics. I'm very proud to participate to the iGEM contest as an advisor. First because I love teaching my knowledge and second because I think it's a unique human adventure. This year the team of Marseille was very motivated, they worked very hard during all the summer to achieve the experiments. I think they gave the best and I hope they will win the gold medal.


Christophe Bordi
alias Ghost Snake

Amu team christophe bordi.jpg

Hi, I'm an Associate Professor of Genomics and Molecular Microbiology in Marseille. I was delighted to join the team this year. I was very happy to discover Synbio and to share my bench experience. It was great to see how students can be motivated by science.

Gauthier Dangla Pélissier
alias Spiny-Headed Seasnake

Amu team gauthier dangla pelissier.JPG

Hi! I'm the Spiny-Headed Sea Snake, one of the AMU iGEM team instructors, ready to Kill Xyl! It was a real pleasure to manage this project from the depth of the wet-lab. Currently PhD student working on the horizontal transfer, I studied synthetic biology when I was engineer and I am so glad that a challenge like the iGEM exists!
It was also great to meet others teams during the First iGEM Mediterranean Meet-Up and I’m eager to see more at the Giant Jamboree!

Marcel Giansily
alias Asp

Amu team marcel giansily.jpg

Hi, I'm Marcel. I am a Ph.D student working on photosynthetic complexes. I am very keen on doing science since a very young age, with a particular interest in biology and also physics. Then, making a Ph.D was a logic and natural path. I discovered the iGEM competition through my supervisor, and it's a very enthralling and very enlightening event for me, and I'm glad to be a part of it !

Sandra Michel
alias Mother Snake

Amu team sandra michel.jpeg

Hi everyone ! I'm in the last year of my thesis in Microbiology in Aix-Marseille University. I participated to iGEM with the first team of AMU and I loved the experience. I like the concept of synthetic biology, the standardisation, the outstanding quality and diversity of the projects, the human experience, that's why I wanted to start again this year with the new project 'Kill Xyl' !

Marlon Sidore
alias Coral Snake

Amu team marlone sidore.JPG

Hi, I'm Marlon, the Coral Snake, iGEM team instructor. I'm in the last year of my thesis in structural bioinformatics and I work on the energetics of the assembly of membrane proteins. Synthetic biology holds great promises and I'm glad a competition such as iGEM exists to make it happen.

Secondary PI, Laetitia Houot
alias Snake eater

Amu team laetitia houot.JPG

When I first heard about the iGEM, I thought it was such a pity this competition didn’t exist when I was an undergrad student, as it is a unique opportunity to have biologists, chemists and computer scientists working together. Now, as an assistant professor in Biochemistry at Aix-Marseille University, I’m excited to be on the “instructor side” of the team. My research interests focus on bacterial adaptation to the environment and on pathogenicity. I hope my experience of bench work will help our team to realize its ambitious project and to develop a durable iGEM spirit in Marseille !!!

Primary PI, James Sturgis
alias Snake Charmer

Amu team james strugis.jpg

Professor of Biochemistry and director of a CNRS laboratory in Marseille, my research centers on using biochemical and biophysical methods to understand membrane protein structure, function and interactions. I recently created a synthetic biology course at the university and so was very keen to help our team turn theory into practice by participating in the iGEM.

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