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Our collaborations this year have proved to be really successful and fruitful for us. This year, we collaborated with iGEM Berlin, iGEM Manchester and iGEM Glasgow. Not only did we collaborate with other iGEM teams to improve our project, we were also involved in mentoring iGEM IISER Mohali team this year around. It was hugely fulfilling for us to work with all these teams despite being so distant from each other. We would sincerely like to thank iGEM for giving all of us synthetic biology enthusiasts a platform to interact with so many like-minded people. Hoping for many more such fruitful collaborations in the future.

The IIT Delhi iGEM team whole-heartedly collaborated with Berlin team. Berlin team was working on the affordable, practical and effective diagnostic of the widespread third world parasitic disease -Tapeworm Infection. Since India is one of the countries where millions of people are infected by this parasite, IIT Delhi directed Berlin team to a suitable site. Here is the link to the detailed description of the complete journey:

Willing to gain an even deeper understanding of GMM legislations, 15 teams were invited from different countries to participate in these collaborative efforts. In the end, the final document has been created by 137 iGEMers from 10 teams, 10 countries, 7 different iGEM tracks and 5 continents. Have a look at the fruits of the 3 months-long interactions, discussions and meet-ups at the link: .

Mentoring a team initially sounded to be a little intimidating idea for us because we weren’t much experienced in mentoring teams. But it turned out to be a really great experience for our entire team, as we grew more comfortable with IISER Mohali team. So much so, that we now are really confident about mentoring new teams and look forward to it in years to come. IISER Mohali Team members were really awesome, we had a great time mentoring them and we wish them all the best for all their future endeavours in the field of Synthetic Biology.

Here is the link for the detailed description of mentoring:

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