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General Support

Thanks to Prof Cleslei Fernando Zanelli and Prof Sandro Roberto Valentini who let us use their lab for our experiments.

Project support and advice

Prof Danielle Biscaro Pedrolli helped us and gave her advices in every part of our project, since brainstorming to design and experiments, and helped us with our difficulties. She also helped us in buying supplies and the paperwork with the University.
Thanks to Prof Marcel Otavio Cerri and Prof Katia Sivieri for helping and advising us on the experiment simulating a human microbiota. We'd also like to thanks Prof Marcel Otavio Cerri for helping us with modeling our data from this experiment and bacterial growth.

Lab support

Milca Rachel da Costa Ribeiro Lins, Graciely Gomes Correa (PhD students in synthetic biology) and Flavio Pereira Picheli (technician from the Bioprocess and Biotechnology Department) provided us day-to-day support in the lab and performing our experiments. We’d also like to thank all the technicians from the Bioprocess and Biotechnology Department who helped us in our experiments.


Prof Danielle Biscaro Pedrolli helped us contacting some companies for partnerships, she also helped us getting help from the University. Nathan Vinicius Ribeiro and Daniel Augusto Cozetto were responsible for the crowdfunding campaigns, from which we were able to raise money for the team’s registration fee and the team member’s registration for the Giant Jamboree. All team members were contacting companies over the year to find partnerships. We'd like to thanks all our sponsors for the great help.

Human practices

Paulo Jose Correa Freira was the team member responsible for coordinating our human practices. Amanda Gracindo, Debora Zamaro Toledo dos Santos, Rafael Brull Tuma and Mariana Biondi Cesar were also responsible for human practices.
Thanks to Jessica Regina Ribeiro, Rodrigo Sousa da Silva e Júlio César de Pietro Júnior participating in our short documentary about type 1 diabetes.
Thanks to Clarissa Saretta Ladeira Ramos, a mother from a group of kids suffering from diabetes, for giving us some unique insights about the disease and how it affects kids and their parents. This helped us a lot in planning our human practices efforts.


Design made by Patrick Neves Squizato.
Programming made by Nathan Vinicius Ribeiro and Victor Nunes de Jesus.
Pages wrote by all of us!
Arts and illustrations made by Patrick Neves Squizato, Nathan Vinicius Ribeiro and Daniel Augusto Cozetto.
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Ana Flavia Martins Costa did the modelling of the insulin structures that we worked with. Nathan Vinicius Ribeiro did the modelling of the sRNA-based control system. The microbiome and bacterial growth modelling was made by Patrick Neves Squizato.

InterLab Study

Performed by Daniel Augusto Cozetto, Rafael Brull Tuma, Mariana Biondi Cesar and Nathan Vinicius Ribeiro.

Wet lab

Experiments involving cloning and expression of our sequences were performed by Nathan Vinicius Ribeiro, Patrick Neves Squizato, Paulo Jose Correa Freire and Victor Nunes de Jesus.
All team members participated in the experiments simulating a human microbiota. Special thanks to Bianca Rodrigues, Daniel Augusto Cozetto and Patrick Neves Squizato for coordinating the experiments.

Team and project logo

Made by Daniel Augusto Cozetto.

Project start

We had the firsts gatherings in early 2016. We started to tell people in our College about the iGEM competition and gather people to create our team and participate in iGEM 2017. Around August 2016 we had our team! We started to brainstorm and have ideas for what project we were going to work next year and we came up with the idea for treating diabetes with a genetically modified probiotic. We started to work in this project in late 2016, when we went deep in researching how could we made this project possible, it was months of research, thinking and design until we finally had our final design and start in the lab in April 2017.


A special thanks to Prof Amanda Baviera for sharing her knowledge about diabetes with us and teaching us a lot about it.
Another special thanks to the former igemmer from teams Brasil-SP 2014 and UFScar 2015 Matheus Pedrino Gonçalves, for helping us when we were creating our team, sharing his experiences with us and giving us many advices on how to organize a team and compete in iGEM.
Thanks to the students groups in our College for the space that was gave to us in several opportunities to talk about iGEM, synthetic biology and our project. A special thanks to LiNA, AFEP and JFU for letting us participate in their events. Thanks to the synbio group CBSin from EEL-USP for inviting us to give a talk about microbiome and genetically engineered probiotics. Thanks to CUCA for letting us talk to their students about genetic engineering and synthetic biology. Thanks to the amazing team from BioStartup Lab for all the learning and mentorship. Thanks to our professors and our University for the support. Thanks to everyone who helped us in our crowdfunding campaigns, a special thanks to David Roberto R. Soares da Silva. Finally, thanks to everyone who helped us in our project in any way.

Team: AQA_Unesp