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Ten students from Bioprocess and Biotechnology Engeneering and one student from Biochemistry Pharmacy from the School of Pharmaceutical Science of Sao Paulo State University – Unesp Araraquara, Brazil. This is our group!

The group arose from a lecture that was given about iGEM competition in our college. After that moment, some people got together and decided that they needed to participate in the competition, they needed to put their knowledge in action, to get out of the class and get their hands dirty. So the meetings started and after a lot, a lot, a lot of hard work here we are, for the first time! With this Project we want to give back to the population what we learned in college and we wish to improve the quality of live of people with diabetes all around the world.

Now lets meet our team!

primary PI

secondary PI



and this is Insubiota!

Team: AQA_Unesp