We would like to thank the following individuals and departments for their help in making our project this year a success: We are the pioneering team from West Africa for iGEM, and we FULLY acknowledge that it would be near impossible without their help and expertise.

  • Kwadwo Akyea Mensah, for helping us with lab logistics.

  • Ruth Okunu, for assisting us in running gels and also helping us numerous times with Lab logistics.

  • Festus Kojo Acquah, for showing us how to use the plate reader for our interlab measurement study.

  • Dr. Linda Amoah, for providing us with guidance and information to help us on our project.

  • Prof. Ben Gyan, for helping us in coordinating student outreach

  • IDT for helping to provide us with the genetic sequences that we did not know of.

  • Christopher Zanu for assisting in coding the Attributions page.

Special thanks to the Noguchi Memorial Institute for providing us a laboratory to work with and aiding us in all the ensuing logistics. Not forgetting all the guidance and constructive critiques they provided that helped us on our project.