To ensure that the outcome of our project would be safe for all human beings and the environment, we took the following actions:

Firstly, the project was done using the DH5- alpha strain of E.coli bacteria, which is not harmful to the environment or human beings in anyway. We also ensured that all of the parts that we included in our bacteria were parts that could already be found in other bacteria within the natural environment.
A picture of the DH5- alpha strain of the E.coli bacteria

Secondly, we also designed the bacteria to be grown and used in bioreactors. This would not only separate the bacteria from the natural environment in the event of a contamination but it would also allow for the proper termination of the bacteria before they are disposed.
A picture of a bioreactor that could be used to hold the bacteria

Also, before we even embarked on our project we went through series of safety training at the Noguchi Memorial Institute to prepare us for the myriad of safety issues that we may encounter in the laboratory.