Medal Criteria


Registered for iGEM, had a great summer, and will be attending the Giant Jamboree.
Created our team wiki page to document our project.
Attributed all of the work done for our project. This is evidenced on our attributions page.
We will present a poster of our project and give a presentation at the Giant Jamboree.
Completed all safety forms required.
Completed the judging form.
Created and documented Part pages on the Registry for the Parts we have made.
Submitted DNA samples of our new Parts to the Registry.
Participated in the interlab study, and documented are results here.
Contributed new biobrick parts into the registry with characterisation. BBa_K2252000 and BBa_K2252002.


Collaboration: This year we have collaborated with 26 iGEMers from. More details can be found on our collaborations page.
Human Practices: For more detail please see our HP page.