Meet The Miners least The Creators of the Miners

From a well meshed background of Engineering and Computer Science, unfazed by the challenges of Synthetic Biology.. and fuelled by a drive to Solve Problems that impact our scoiety.

Claude-Noel Tamakloe

Claude-Noel Tamakloe is a third year student (Junior) at Ashesi University majoring in Electrical/Electronic engineering. With no specific hobbies, Claude just loves to try new things to gain experience and exposure in many fields. Having this great desire to explore what synthetic biology has to offer, Claude joined this year’s IGEM competition with a team of bright minds to work on a bio mining project. Claude’s artistic abilities have been instrumental in project designs, animations and diagrams. Coming from an area where synthetic biology hasn’t gained popularity, Claude hopes to be instrumental in creating the awareness of the great capabilities of this field of engineering. Claude likes to interact with people and get to understand their perspectives on diverse issues, he believes only by doing this will you know why people act the way they do. Claude prefers to keep everything simple and keep everyone around happy.

David Sasu Team Captain

David Sasu is in his junior year studying Computer Science. He decided to participate in this year’s IGEM Competition because the whole concept of engineering bacteria to execute tasks excites and intrigues him. He is the appointed Team Captain of this IGEM Team and it is his responsibility to make sure that all the work that is supposed to be done is done on time. He loves to code, design complex systems and build computer programs. Aside from coding his life away, he loves to play the piano (even though he is no expert ;)), jog and ride his rickety bicycle.

Abdul-Ghaffar Adam Appiah

Abdul-Ghaffar Adam Appiah is a Junior studying Electrical Engineering at Ashesi University College. He is excited about synthetic biology because he believes this emerging branch of biology is pregnant with solutions to most problems faced by Africa and the world at large. He also hopes to apply some of his engineering knowledge such as mathematical modeling for this project. He enjoys rapping and listening to music during his free time.

Justice Valentine Essuman

Justice Valentine Essuman is a MasterCard scholar in his Junior year majoring in Electrical and Electronic engineering in Ashesi University College. Though his interests are directed at mechatronics and robotics he finds Engineering biology worth exploring especially when one begins a quest to understanding innovations in biology. Justice has been resourceful in simulating constructs using genome softwares and modelling. He carries an interesting perspective of a possible creation algorithm; God created the world using just 4bits, representing just the base pair of the DNA and it is all programmers need to play gods. Away from understanding creation and working on electronics, he plays some music with his trumpet. He believes creating awareness of engineering biology in Africa is a great step to solving Africa’s problem

Miquilina Selasie Anagbah

She is a budding Electrical Engineer from Ashesi University, currently in her junior year. Growing up with the passion to experiment and explore diverse areas, she enrolled in the 2017 iGEM competition and joined the iGEM Team Ashesi. This served as a platform to sharpen her knowledge in biology as well as trigger her interest in Biomedical Engineering. Aside her many other interests, she loves music and adventurous travels. She is Miquilina Selasie Anagbah.

Nana Oye Djan

Nana Oye Djan is a Mechanical Enginering major currently in her junior year. She is excited about the prospects of synthetic biology in the 21st century, especially when combined with other enineering disciplines. She one day wishes to combine mechanical engineering with synthetic biology to introduce a new way of thinking, especially for engineers to realize that the world needs microorganisms and perhaps they might be the best way forward.

Stephan Ofosuhene

He is somewhat serious, mostly curious and likes to get his hands dirty with anything from startups, computers, poetry, cats, psychology and recently biology. As a child (this won’t be complete without childhood memories) he had an ambition of becoming one of the greatest inventors. And from the looks of things computers and biology will be merging soon and he wants to be there for the action; hence his interest in iGEM. While he’s away from bacteria he spends a lot of time making computers do stuff for people or writing lines that do stuff to people’s emotions and imagination. Or simply learning how imagination works and understanding what people want so he can fulfil it with a startup. He’s currently working on smart agriculture using hydroponics (computers and biology) with the aim of making food production more efficient. Here’s a summary of things he likes to work on. Maybe he’ll adopt a cat in the future.

Japheth Kelly

Wiki page master and recent graduate. I like to watch a lot of history and plan to change the Ghanaian education system. SynBio is awesome but I want people to understand it not as a scientific practice but a human practice.