Team:East Chapel Hill/Attributions


  • We are proud to say that all members of the 2016-2017 iGEM team helped contribute to every aspect of our project, including lab work, outreach like human practices and fundraising, collaborations, designing the website and poster. Not a single member was excluded from participating in any of the activities and everyone helped come up and develop our project idea. We started brainstorming our project around January and working on our project in March. We began our lab work towards the end of May and the beginning of June.
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  • We want to give a thanks to all our of our mentors/teachers for providing us with the support and assistance throughout this entire iGEM journey and helping us make our iGEM team successful.
    • A special thanks to Dr. Joseph Harrison from UNC-Chapel Hill, our instructor, for providing an invaluable service to our team from teaching us the complexities of synthetic biology to guiding us during our lab experiments, to coaching us in our presentation skills, and to always motivating and inspiring us to do better.
    • Bo Zhao and Minnie Langlois from UNC-Chapel Hill for teaching us different and useful lab techniques, that expanded upon our basic classroom knowledge and helping us with our presentation.
    • Dr. Randy Stockbridge from the University of Michigan for troubleshooting and providing us with possible explanations/reasons about the unexpected ∆crcB growth and the relationship between Fluoride and pH value.
    • Siyu Wang and Prof Bruce Donald's Lab at Duke University for their assistance and time dedicated to helping us develop our wiki and future plans to collaborate on computational modeling.
    • Mr. William Vincent, Dr. Stephen Snyder, and Ms. Patricia Berge for supporting us with the logistics about how to run a team and always being organized so that we can stay on top of things. They also helped and gave advice about how to raise funds so that we could get the chance to enter into the competition. At times when the UNC lab space wasn't available, they graciously provided their classroom for us to use.
  • We would also like to give our thanks to the UNC-Chapel Hill for the technical support such as providing us with the lab space and the Kuhlman lab for its lab equipment and reagents.
    Donald lab
  • Our sponsors for giving us the chance to compete with generous grants and lab parts.
  • We would also like to thank Gha Young Lee, a former iGEMer, for assistance and guidance with starting the East_Chapel_Hill iGEM Team and lectures for the new members.
  • We would also like to thank Maggie Shealy, student at East Chapel Hill iGEM, for designing our logo and helping with graphic design.