Glucose Concentration
To save the user from having to convert values, some of the input is redudant. For the glucose concentration \(c_{G}\), E. coli concentration \(c_{E}\) and the E. coli capacity two unit are accepted. For the glucose concentration the value in mmol has the higher priority, for the E. coli values, the gram dryweight value has the higher priority.
The generation time \(t_{E}\) is redundant to the flow rate \(\Phi_{T}\) in the context of a turbidostat. Here, \(t_{E}\) is prioritised.
The different buttons trigger different calculations. The buttons first word specifies the glucose concentration of which vessel is calculated, the word in braces defines the vessel of which the glucose concentration is given in \(c_{G}\).
A new clean plot can be generated using the "New" option, that means all data plotted so far is lost.
The exponential mode of the model can be enabled witht he "Exponential" option. The default is logistic growth.
When a comma-separted file is uploaded via the "Choose File" button, data from the csv is plottet into the graph. The csv must have the following format:
t; E. coli 1; Glucose 1
0; 0.01; 1.0
20; 0.02; 0.9
40; 0.04; 0.8
60; 0.08; 0.7
80; 0.16; 0.6
100; 0.32; 0.5
The first row is the header providing names for all colums. The first row is interpreted as the time. All other rows are interpreted as datapoints for the point in time that is specified in the first column. The separator is ';', the row separator is newline.

Table 1: Variables and Parameters used for the calculation of the glucose and E. coli concentrations List of all paramters and variables used in the numeric solution of this model.

Symbol Value and Unit Explanation
\(c_{G_{T} }\) [g/ml] or [mmol/ml] Glucose concentration in Turbidostat
\(c_{G_{M} }\) [g/ml] or [mmol/ml] Glucose concentration in medium
\(c_{G_{L} }\) [g/ml] or [mmol/ml] Glucose concentration in lagoon
\(t\) [min] Time
\(\Phi_{T}\) [ml/min] Flow rate through Turbidostat
\(\Phi_{L}\) [ml/min] Flow rate through Lagoon
\(c_{E}\) [cfu/ml] or OD600 E. coli concentration
\(q\) \([g_{glucose} \: g_{DW}^{-1} h^{-1}]\) Glucose consumption by E. coliNeubauer2001
\(t_{E}\) [min] E. coli generation time
Get the ideal concentration
Changes in E. coli and glucose concentration over time