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Life shows an astonishing diversity and complexity, resulting from millions of years of random mutation and selection.

We, the iGEM Team Heidelberg,

Accelerate Evolution

to drive Innovation for human benefit

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Curious how?

To speed up and direct evolution, we use phage-assisted continuous evolution and our newly created & simple method called PREDCEL

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No way to be fast enough without


Learn how we optimized our experimental parameters using ODE models calibrated with wet lab data.

And the best: Our interactive models run entirely in your browser!

Still too slow? Meet our Artificial Intelligence for Genetic Evolution Mimicking,


AiGEM comprises a deep neuronal network and accompanying genetic algorithm able to fast-forward directed evolution in silico

Not convinced yet? Check out our fully in silico evolved, optimized Beta-lactamase and reprogrammed Beta-glucuronidase!

To make a difference, we need to consider the whole

Colorful Picture

Our integrated human practice activities helped us to make our technology safer and stimulate its responsible use, ideally to address urgent human needs.

Our Applications:

Evolving novel cytochromes with help of in silico predicted riboswitches, to enable fully biological production of organosilicons. Using PREDCEL, we engineered the product specificity of cytochrome P450 1A2 towards theophylline.

Now it’s on you. Our toolbox guide and RFC help you to get started.