Team:KAIT JAPAN/attributions


KAIT_JAPAN2017 team consists of 7 undergraduate students. The main part of our project was finished by students from KAIT_JAPAN.
Prof. Yasuhiro Iida, our team instructor. He helped us out with our project. Gave us advice in every phase of our project, for both technique and practice.
Thanks and acknowledgements for all other people involved in helping make a successful KAIT_JAPAN!!

・General support

    Iida Lab members

・Project support and advice

    Professor Yasuhiro Iida

・Lab support

    Iida Lab members

・Wiki support

    Mr.Kansei Sigata

・Presentation coaching

    Professor Yasuhiro Iida
    Miss.Yukie Arai

・Technical support

    Mr. Shota Maeda

・Design support

    Mr.Ryouta Takahashi


   Naho Koyama


   Zhi Ling Lui


   Ayano Tagawa ,Toshihiro Kanaya.


   Zhi Ling Lui, Naho Koyama,
   Ayano Tagawa, Mayu Isino.

Human Practice

   Takehito Satoh, Ayano Tagawa, Naho Koyama,
   Zhi Ling Lui, Mayu Ishino, Toshihiro Kanaya.

Contact: Twitter:@KAIT_JAPAN Kanagawa Institute of Technology Metabologenomics.Inc Integrated DNA Technologies Promega Leave a Nest iDen