Team:KAIT JAPAN/collaboration


Collaboration with NYMU iGEM Team from Taiwan
On August 25th Mr. Vincent Lim from NYMU iGEM Team from Taiwan paid us a visit. We held a modeled presentation at our university Kanagawa Institute of Technology.And after the presentation, we discussed about our project and experiment method. From the discussion, we noticed an important point, HAY FEVER IS NOT AN EPIDEMIC DISEASE EXCEPT IN JAPAN.We also introduce him to our instructor and our laboratory. It is a valuable chance for us to get to know more about NYMU iGEM Team and Taiwan.

Reagent support intermediation from promega to all 8 undergraduate iGEM Team in Japan (Ordering reagents and presentation representation)
Until last year, University of Tokyo iGEM Team is responsible to be the intermediation of reagent support. However, as UT iGEM Team did not take part in iGEM 2017, KAIT_JAPAN Team become responsible for reagent support intermediation. We collect orders from each university and for those university who cannot attend to the presentation for the support of the reagent, we presented on behalf of them. And after we received the reagents from Promega, we sort it out and distribute to the correspondent iGEM Team.

May Festival
On the 20th and 21st of May, 2017, we ran a booth at school festival in the University of Tokyo, named "May Festival", and collaborated with four iGEM teams in Japan: Tokyo-Tech, Kyoto, Gifu and Bot-chan Lab. More than 150,000 visitors came to this festival, and we had a good opportunity to explain synthetic biology and our project to them. At the same time, each team gave some advice on the other teams' project.

Meetup at Boston University
On November 9th, our team will meet up with other Japanese team at Boston University and we are looking forward to share our ideas and opinion. Each team will present their project as rehearsal just before the event and will have the opportunity to get advice from other iGEM teams and professors.

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