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Fortified Aniline Killer
——the Recombination and Verification of Aniline Degradation Gene


Aniline compounds generate severe pollution problem in water and soil environments. Aniline dioxygenase is a crucial enzyme in aniline degradation process. Currently screened bacteria strains that could degrade aniline don’t take up a wide degradation spectrum, and their gene expression level could be easily affected by the aniline concentration in the environment.

Based on the facts, we performed information analysis on the basic structure of aniline dioxygenase and its gene cluster. We discovered a new gene from sludge samples, named Q gene, that demonstrated a wider substrate degradation spectrum compared to wildtype YBL2 strain. We also altered the upstream promoter of Q gene and achieved constitutive expression of Q gene and subsequent gene cluster, therefore improving the level of degradation activity of aniline dioxygenase. Through our work, we aim to lay a foundation for the bioremediation of environmental pollution.


Our team is made up of 18 members from Grade 11 and 12 in Nanjing Foreign Language School in Jiangsu, China. Under our school’s emphasis on STEM research and education, our interests are diverse in biology, chemistry and environmental science fields, but it was love for synthetic biology that brought us together.

We studied, discussed, and experimented together on our project and worked toward a common goal, each utilizing our unique strengths. We are more than eager to solve environmental problems with synthetic biology and spread our passion for the discipline to our community.

Human Practice

Our team always believes that only the projects that can benefit our world are commendable ones. In order to spread our belief and show other people how “abstruse” scientific experiments can really improve our life in practical ways, making our planet a better place to live in, we try to build a connection between our project and others and help them better understand how magic biological techniques are adopted to solve serious issues in our current society.

Holding this in our mind, we conduct various kinds of human practice and are happy to see that more and more people are involved in our activities, learning more about and attracted to biological engineering. We firmly believe that, through our hard work, all these people are now quite familiar with some basic knowledge of biology and our project. In the future, we will continue to contribute to spreading scientific knowledge and help more people recognize science is approachable to everyone!

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