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Students at Nanjing_NFLS team started and took charge of the whole project, including initiating the whole project (choosing topics and arranging research schedules), carrying out experiment procedures at Southeast University, analyzing and categorizing the results, designing the websites and integrating the public to our project (in-field work of human practices). We really appreciate every member’s effort and time! Thank you!

We would also like to thank those who have helped us throughout the year, not only for their help on our iGEM project, but also for the fun and exciting moments they brought to our project. Without them, the whole project wouldn’t be such a success! Thanks go to:

Dr. Qinyu Ge and Dr. Jing Tu - Lecturer in biomedical engineering, Southeast Univ.- for assisting with understanding of laboratory equipment, supervising our lab techniques and aiding us in protocol design

Mr. Kaiming Ni and Mr. Na Lu - Student of Opto-electronic Engineering, Southeast Univ.- for instructing us basic skills of websites editing at the beginning and for solving problems when we are editing the pages.

Mr. Jun Liu and Ms. Kate Chen - Potentia Corporation of Nanjing- for providing study rooms and mentoring the processes and helping to supervise our presentation preparation.

Mr. Zheng Zou - Principal of Nanjing Foreign Language School- for providing an equal and democratic chance for the innovators to release their voices and studies inside school (at school festivals and club activity times).

Chibi Road Primary School - for organizing students listening to our lectures in Human Practice part.

We would also like express our gratitude to our fellow friends in schools elsewhere in China, for linking their classmates with our project promotion. You really did a lot to bring our project to a national or even international level.

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