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None is of freedom or of life deserving
unless he daily conquers it anew.

My name is Kaiwen Wu and I’m the captain of our team. I’m interested in many engineering disciplines, including biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, robotics, etc. I also enjoy ballet dancing and aerobics very much.
I am Xinyi Ji, a 17 year old girl from Nanjing, China who is interested in biology, especially biomedical engineering and entomology. I look forward to meeting you, hoping that you also share the dream of protecting the endangered insects and the seriously damaged environment.
Hi I'm Yuncong Zuo from team Nanjing_NFLS. I have great interest in material science, which I believe is highly related to synthetic biology. During my spare time I would like to do experiments. Besides doing experiments, I am good at playing soccer and I am a great fan of Arsenal.
I'm Songyu Gu from Nanjing Foreign Language School. I take great interest in painting and designing. My favorite one is sketching. I often read books and watch films in my leisure time. I began to do research in synthetic biology since grade 10 and I really love exploring unknown fields and coming up with new ideas.
My name is Hengzhi Wang and I’m from Nanjing Foreign Language School. Fascinated by the diversity of creatures and their amazing stories, I’ve developed huge interest in biology and also in paleontology. Besides school life, I’ve also exposed myself to year-long calligraphy training, and have held exhibitions.
My name is Long Feifei. I am a senior-high school student in Nanjing Foreign Language School. I have developed a great interest in biological engineering due to the unique charm of this field. It's my great pleasure to attend this competition and make effort to ameliorate our own life.
Hi, my name is Qingyang Wu. I am a senior-high school student of NFLS, China. Academically, I have a longstanding interest in Biology as well as Engineering. But I’m also intrigued with designing, for I believe art nurtures imaginations which stimulate my study of natural science.
I’m Lyu Lingyuan from Nanjing Foreign Language School. I’m interested in both physics and biology, and I like to apply the methods of data collection and data analysis in physics problems to solve biology problems. I’m also interested in critical writing and photography.
Hello! I’m Wu Kewei from Nanjing Foreign Language School. With great interest in Biology and Chemistry, I have been a member of the STEM Project in my school since senior one. I carried out many environmental-related experiments as a core member, during which I gained loads of laboratory experience. It’s my pleasure to take part in iGEM with my teammates!
I’m Zhanyi Sun and I’ve been passionate about maths and biology since very young, always following closely to future trends of technology and cross-disciplinary researches. For example, I studied deep into how to apply image processing in deep learning to do the early detection of tumors.
My name is Qian Yuehan,a senior-three student from Nanjing Foreign Language School. I love Mathematics and enjoy utilizing mathematical models to solve problems including biological problems. I also like playing the piano and volleyball and successfully become a member in the school volleyball team.
I am Tang Mingyue from Nanjing Foreign Language School. I am interested in environmental science and dance. In 2016 we participated in IGEM and did research on gene modification of algae and came out with a potential solution to this problem. This year we focus on aniline and its intermediate metabolites are a major source of soil and water pollution.
I am Chen Longqing, 11th-grade student at Nanjing Foreign Languages School. academically interested in microbiology, macroeconomy and literature.
I am Fang Ran. When I stepped into a university's bio lab for the first time, I felt that I fell in love with biology, especially the experiment part. I am really into our team's topic, which is likely to solve one of the severest environmental problems nowadays.
I am Chen Zixin. As an 11th grader, I, like most of my peers, spend most of the leisure time on entertaining activities. But when it comes to work, I am a very serious guy who is stuck with OCD and never let the tiniest error to go by in my research.
My name is Lv Hanbai, student from Nanjing Foreign Languages School. I have a broad academic interest and especially love Physics and Biology. I have taken part in various academic competitions but more enjoy doing research programs to change knowledge to practical use.
My name is Wei Tiantian and I'm from NFLS. My favorite subjects are physics and biology. Besides, science fictions raised my interest in these area and I will try my best to improve my ability.I have finished several interesting science researches before and would like to use my knowledge to help igem program.
I am Ping Xinyu. I hold broad interests including chemistry and biology, and actively participate in school STEM scientific experiments. I also performed well in art and sports activities.
Dr. Qinyu Ge - Professor in biomedical engineering, Southeast Univ.- for assisting with understanding of laboratory procedure, teaching us experiments techniques and aiding us in protocol design.
Dr. Jing Tu - Lecturer in biomedical engineering, Southeast Univ.- for assisting with understanding of laboratory equipment, supervising our lab techniques and aiding us in protocol design.
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