Team:Paris Bettencourt/Collaborations


Valencia UPV - Chatter Plant

We helped translate their questionnaire into French and then went to interview famous greenhouses in Paris, including:
  • Jardin du Luxembourg

  • Jardin des Plantes

  • Jardin d’Auteuil
They used these interviews and questionnaire to conduct market research for their project.
They implemented our escape game design, a pedagogical game to learn synthetic biology and tested it on non-biologists.
They provided feedback on both our design and our game play instruction rulebook, which we then used to improve the game.

Pasteur Paris - Aether

They gave us a basic part that they designed, which functions to produce silicatein alpha in bacteria. We characterised the part and submitted it into the biobrick registry. We used this part in our overall design as one of the biomaterials.
We attended the France iGEM meet-up hosted by the Pasteur team.
They also attended our play testing of the escape room where we were also able to give them a tour of our lab.

IONIS Paris - Softer Shock

We provided our equipement and materials , such as the plate reader machine, incubator as well as the glassware and media needed. We also helped them design their protocol for the characterisation and discussed how best to detect their reporter systems. We also provided our nanodrop allowing them to measure DNA concentrations for part submission.
We tested their SimRNA handbook, used to model our RNA organelle strands. Over a couple sessions, we discussed how best to model the RNA agglomerations and then downloaded the software. They then helped us fully understand and execute the software.


We also helped other iGEM teams around the world by answering their surveys:

  • Worldshaper - Wuhan: Survey on Colorectal Cancer 

  • WPI_Worcester Team: Lead Contamination in YOUR Drinking Water? 

  • NJU-China: Fill out a survey and lose weight

  • Heidelberg: Directed evolution and artificial intelligence

  • OUC-China: Investigation on Aquatic organisms outbreak caused by water entrophication

  • Paris Evry: The Pleasure of Sugar without the disadvantages: Psicose

  • BNU-China:  Survey on Motivation within the iGEM Community 

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