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Part Collection

The parts in this collection were designed to form either AND or NOR gates depending on light inputs. Photo-switchable proteins that alternate between homodimer and monomer conformations under specific wavelengths were designed to flank a protein of interest. This creates a protein cage, sterically repressing activity when no light is applied. Inserting either the T7 RNA polymerase or one of three repressors - TetR, HKcI and P22c2 (Parts BBa_K2510100 to BBa_K2510113) - gave us a number of photo-switchable transcription factors. To create logic, we combined such proteins with our library of 12 dually repressible promoters (Parts: BBa_K2510018 to BBa_K2510029), consisting of a single T7 promoter core and two synthetic orthogonal operators. For the first time, we are able to reversibly control gene expression at a high spatio-temporal resolution with easy procedures and minimal cost to the cell.

Part NamePart TypeKeywordDesignerLength
BBa_K2510100CodingpdDronpa wtAya Gomaa1490
BBa_K2510101CodingPDDronpa wt t7 promoter Aya Gomaa1540
BBa_K2510102CodingpdDronpa mutant Aya Gomaa1490
BBa_K2510103Codinglacz-pdDronpaAya Gomaa4584
BBa_K2510104CodingT7pol-pdDronpa wt under Anderson promoter Aya Gomaa4161
BBa_K2510105CodingT7pol-pdDronpa wt under t7 promoterAya Gomaa4210
BBa_K2510106CodingT7pol-pdDronpa mutant under t7 promoterAya Gomaa4161
BBa_K2510107Codingmut Dronpa t7 pol phusion + t7 mrfp partAya Gomaa5063
BBa_K2510108CodingpdDronpa wt TetRAya Gomaa2182
BBa_K2510109CodingpdDronpa mut TetRAya Gomaa2133
BBa_K2510110CodingpdDronpa wt HKCIAya Gomaa2266
BBa_K2510111CodingpdDronpa mut HKCIAya Gomaa2217
BBa_K2510112CodingpdDronpa wt P22C2Aya Gomaa2242
BBa_K2510113CodingpdDronpa mut P22c2Aya Gomaa2193
BBa_K2510018RegulatoryT7 - O-HKcI - O-P22c2 promoterAlma Chapet--Batlle74
BBa_K2510019RegulatoryT7 - O-HKcI - O-TetR promoterAlma Chapet--Batlle74
BBa_K2510020RegulatoryT7 - O-P22c2 - O-HKcI promoterAlma Chapet--Batlle74
BBa_K2510021RegulatoryT7 - O-P22c2 - O-TetR promoterAlma Chapet--Batlle84
BBa_K2510022RegulatoryT7- O-TetR - O-HKcI promoterAlma Chapet--Batlle74
BBa_K2510024RegulatoryO-HKcI - T7 - O-HKcI - O-P22c2 promoterAlma Chapet--Batlle95
BBa_K2510025RegulatoryO-HKcI - T7 - O-HKcI - O-TetR promoterAlma Chapet--Batlle95
BBa_K2510026RegulatoryO-P22C2 - T7 - O-P22C2 - O-HKcI promoterAlma Chapet--Batlle107
BBa_K2510028RegulatoryO-TetR - T7 - O-TetR - O-HKcI promoterAlma Chapet--Batlle115
BBa_K2510029RegulatoryO-TetR - T7 - O-TetR - O-P22C2 promoterAlma Chapet--Batlle125

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