Team:Paris Bettencourt/Team


Alma Chapet--Batlle

Country France
Background Chemistry and Biology
Age 22
Favourite iGEM snack yoghurt, chocolate biscuits
Favourite book Harry Potter (all of them)

Aya Gomaa

Country Egypt
Background Chemistry and biology
Age 24
Favourite iGEM snack Chai tea with lots of milk!

Alicia Eileen Graham

Country It's complicated.
Background Biology
Age 22
Favourite iGEM snack All the snacks
Favourite book Brave New World

Oleksandra Sorokina

Country Ukraine
Background Biotechnology
Age 23
Favourite iGEM snack Nuts
Favourite book Stranger in a Strange Land

Ianis Dobrev

Country France
Background Art and Design
Age 20
Favourite iGEM snack About 2 kilos of pasta

Joseph Ryan

Country Singapore/UK
Background Genetics
Age 26
Favourite iGEM snack Pesto and Baguette
Favourite book The republic, Plato

Paul Cachera

Country France
Background Industrial Biotech
Age 23
Favourite iGEM snack whatever he can find
Favourite book Martin Eden

Pierre-Luc Satin

Country France
Background Cell biologist
Age 23
Favourite iGEM snack Grated carrots
Favourite book Stack-overflow

Victor Pabst

Country France
Background Biomedical studies
Age 21
Favourite iGEM snack Tarama and bread
Favourite book L’écume des jours, Boris Vian

Yulian Dobrev

Country France
Background Interdisciplinary sciences
Favourite iGEM snack Homemade smoothie

Ariel Lindner

I'm a research director at the Systems Evolutions and Engineering Dynamics (SEED) group at the French National Biomedical Research Institute (INSERM) and co-founder of the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI). Since 2006 I've been mentoring the first French team to participate in the iGEM adventure and still enjoy being challenged by team students and see their projects flower.

Haotian Guo

Country China
Background Synthetic Biology
Age 24
Favourite iGEM snack Mini cheeseburgers
Favourite book Gene

Prateek Garg

Country India
Background Physics and Biology
Age 24
Favourite iGEM snack Salty peanuts
Favourite movie Anything but Star Wars

Sophie Gontier

Country France
Background Synthetic Biology, Philosophy of Science
Age 26
Favourite iGEM snack Bread and cheese, cookies
Favourite book A Song of Ice and Fire

Alvaro Banderas

Alvaro is a postdoctoral fellow at the Systems Engineering and Evolution Dynamics team at INSERM U1001 with Ariel Lindner, where he studies ageing in bacteria and the evolution of sexual (conjugative) behaviour in prokaryotes.

Jake Wintermute

Hello I am Jake. I like to do scientific research in various topics: aging, photobiology, body odor and tuberculosis. I also teach Introduction to Synthetic Biology for the AIV Master's program at the CRI.

Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity (CRI)
Faculty of Medicine Cochin Port-Royal, South wing, 2nd floor
Paris Descartes University
24, rue du Faubourg Saint Jacques
75014 Paris, France