Team:SMS Shenzhen/Attributions



Work Assigned Within Our Team

Project & Idea

- Every member in our team contributed to the general idea for the project, and the specific topic Pesticide Mate was first proposed by Shutong Gu specifically.

Lab & Experiment

- Yunchang Zhang conducted and mainly scheduled the experiments.

- Other experimenters include Shutong Gu, Yu Ji, Zihan Zeng, Leyang Sun, Fangzhou Cheng, Jushen Liang, Yifei Du, and Yinan Hong.

Human Practice

- Members involved in Human Practice are Xiaoyang Qiao, Shiyuan Wen, Zhian Li, Runjia Li, Yuqiao Li, Fangzhou Cheng, and Yinan Hong.

Wiki Construction

- The HTML codes of our wiki is written by Yuqiao Li, and managers are Zhian Li and Yuqiao Li.

- Wiki articles are written by Xiaoyang Qiao, Yunchang Zhang, Yuqiao Li, Shuoyi Li, Wanting Liu, Runjia Li, Shutong Gu, Yinan Hong, Jin Huang, Ji Yu, Yifei Du, and Shiyuan Wen.


- All the designs are done by Yu He and Yuqiao Li


- Presentation members are Yunchang Zhang, Yuqiao Li, Yinan Hong, Leyang Sun, Yu He, Fangzhou Cheng, Jushen Liang, and Wanting Liu.

Support From Our PIs

Weizhao Chen, Secondary PI

- As the investigator from Shenzhen University, Mr. Chen instructed and supported us during every phase of the competition mainly including experiments and Human Practice, as well as providing us with an individual laboratory in Shenzhen University for performing experiments unavailable in our school lab.

Yadan Gao, Secondary PI

- Ms. Gao leads us to Boston, gives us helps related to our travel, and gives us advice of our presentation.

Changyuan Deng, Primary PI

- Ms. Deng teaches us synthetic biology knowledge and helps us with our experiments.

Support From Other People & Organizations

Shenzhen Middle School

- Our school provides a lab with basic instruments for us to implement experiment practice and meetings. We also received financial support from the school to carry out the process of competition with enough supplies.

People Support Us by Donation

- We received 14,000 yuan (approximately 2000 dollars) from our fund raise, and it indeed helped us with expenses on plasmid synthesis, supplies, human practice, and carrying out experiments.

Our Parents

- As minors, we sincerely thank our parents for letting us participate and supporting us both financially and spiritually.