Team:SMS Shenzhen/Collaborations



SMS_Shenzhen X SZU-China

SMS_Shenzhen -> SZU-China

- SMS_Shenzhen joined and helped test team SZU-China's Corridor Website, which is a website designed for a better connection between all iGEMers.

- SMS_Shenzhen assisted on experiments of Shenzhen University during the summer. We helped test the OD600 and did the lab cleaning work.

SZU-China -> SMS_Shenzhen

- Team SZU-China helped us on SEM experiment, parts submission and other technical problems during the summer.

- Students from team SZU-China shared their experience of sequence synthesis with us.

SMS_Shenzhen x Nanjing_NFLS

SMS_Shenzhen -> Nanjing_NFLS

- We helped team Nanjing_NFLS build their Wechat subscription account, and we gave 3 original articles to them for synthetic biology promotion purpose, as well as their science popularization activities.

- We also helped team Nanjing_NFLS characterize their parts.

Nanjing_NFLS -> SMS_Shenzhen

- Team Nanjing_NFLS also helped us characterize their parts, so we helped each other to check if there was something incorrect related to parts.


SMS_Shenzhen -> SIAT-SCIE

- We invited them to give a speech in our school synthetic biology forum. In this speech, we discussed a lot about our projects as well.

SIAT-SCIE -> SMS_Shenzhen

- Team SIAT-SCIE invited us to a Meetup with other high school iGEM teams in China.

We also collaborate with team SIAT-SCIE to improve our project. We use their technology in our applied design, which is turning E.coli into powder form. Therefore, it is easier for companies to transport them and sell them to farmers or gardeners, and it is easier for people to use them as well.