Team:Stockholm/Composite Part

Composite parts:

Sialidase Composite part BBa_K2235009

This biobrick is a constitute of T7 promoter and RBS followed by sialidase enzyme coding site. Sialidase enzyme has the potential to digest terminal sialic acids in a glycoprotein. The sequence originates from the species Arthrobacter Ureafaciens. View Composite part

Cumate system - BBa_K2235003

This composite part contains a chemically inducible expression system, known as cumate gene-switch. Upon addition of cumate, the reporter gene, Blue Fluorescent Protein (BFP), is expressed and fluorescence can be detected. Additional restriction sites flank BFP enabling further subcloning for any gene of interest(s). View Composite part

OmpR Sialidase - BBa_K2235007

OmpR is an osmotic pressure sensitive promoter (BBa_R0082). A higher osmotic pressure leads to an increase in expression of the gene downstream of the OmpR promoter. In this biobrick OmpR is fused to sialidase enzyme coding sequence (BBa_K2235005).The sialidase produced by this biobrick has a His-tag attached, which allows easy purification of the expressed enzyme. View Composite part

Sialidase RBS composite part BBa_K2235006

This biobrick has the RBS functional unit attached to the Sialidase basic part, this can be used for characterisation with various promoters, terminators or any other devices. View Composite part

Sialidase composite with secretion device part BBa_K2235011

The BBa_K2235011 is a conjugation of sialidase enzyme with a Type 1 secretion device. It secretes the enzyme out of the E.coli bacterial cell. View Composite part

Endo beta galactosidase composite BBa_K2235010

Biobrick is a composite of a T7 promoter and RBS followed by endo-β-galactosidase enzyme coding site. This enzyme has been shown to release saccharide chains from glycans, expressed in gastric mucus. It performs this action by hydrolysing the bonds next to galactose saccharides in the polysaccharide chains of mucin. The sequence originates from the species Clostridium Perfringens. View Composite part