When we started our Human Practices, it was hard for us to understand exactly what human practices entangled and what was required for a team’s human practices to be successful. We had to spend a lot of time just reading about the topic to know where and how to start.

During NiC, informational presentations were held, in these presentations human practices were emphasized and displayed as something many teams forget about, put too little energy and/on or starts too late with. From these presentations, we had the idea to make a clear, easily understood handbook for all new teams to consider in the beginning of their human practices. We also skyped with the iGEM team from Lund (a new iGEM team!) and introduced the idea of a HP manual. They confirmed the need for such a handbook by saying “That is a great idea and it would've helped us a lot in the beginning if we had such a manual!”.

We decided to base the handbook on the work of previous successful Human Practices teams. We sent out questionnaires and received answers from Stockholm 2016, OLS Canmore 2016, Imperial 2016, Groningen 2016, Bielefeld 2015, William and Mary 2015, UofC Calgary 2016, Cornell NY 2016, Paris Bettencourt 2016.

From these teams, we received very positive feedback about our idea:

Luis Suarez from Groningen “I think it is a great idea of you to start such a manual! Starting HP can be confusing and challenging.”

Rachelle Varga from Calgary “What a great idea! I’d be happy to answer your questions about the 2016 UofC_Calgary iGEM team.”

Allison Bricknell George from Paris Bettencourt “It´s a good idea, please share the result when you're done with this!”

Thanks to these teams, we were able to complete a great handbook for all new iGEM teams, so everyone can succeed in their human practices!

Read our handbook here.