The first iGEM Stockholm team back in 2015, created “Stockholm Genetically Engineered Machines” (SGEM), an association which offers support, administration and an alumni hub. The members of SGEM are all former iGEMers from previous Stockholm teams. The ambition of the organisation is to build a strong and long-lasting community to support the current team, and to ensure the future participation of Stockholm in iGEM.

Some examples of what SGEM does

Legal entity

SGEM is a legal entity in which the current team is incorporated. For an example, SGEM owns a bank account which is inherited by every new team, making it easier for the new team to start raising its first - and very necessary - money.

Assures a smooth handover

SGEM is of great help in the time period between the finish of the current team, and the start of the new team. In fall, SGEM collaborates with the current team by organizing the recruitment of the next team. Once all applications are sent in, SGEM members will collectively go through them and choose the next project leader/s, who in turn will select the remaining team members. During the initial phase of the new iGEM team, SGEM will function as a sounding board, with which the team can voice its concerns.


Throughout the project, SGEM members support the new iGEM Stockholm team by being point of contact. Among other things, SGEM helps in terms of knowledge: what does human practices really mean, tips on how to approach sponsors and workshops in specific topics. Experience: what is the best PCR procedure, how much money should be budget for what expenses and when should the wiki writing be started. Encouragement: you can raise enough money! don’t stress if you don’t know your project yet!

Previous teams

iGEM Stockholm 2015
iGEM Stockholm 2016