Team:TU Dresden

EncaBcillus It´s a trap! Tooltip
Entering a Whole New Universe of Applications
Fmoc-FF is a upon pH drop. molecule, that self-assembles You can build up small spheres with it! They are called Peptidosomes. Microbes have so many powerful properties! Can molecules pass the cage to reach our microbes? That way we could enable communication between separately trapped microbes! Maybe we can even attach a function to the surface? We could build biosensors! Let's bring chemistry and biology together! out, let's build a toolbox that protein secretion easier for everybody! To find makes optimizing Do microbes survive, grow and stay insidePeptidosomes? TU Dresden iGEM team proudly presents EncaBcillus: encapsulating microbes. A novel platform for The And what about the secretion other way around? factories! Encapsulated Using Bacillus subtilis we Peptidosomes. Mission accomplished! bring life into We'll need a special vector for evaluation.