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Reaching for the stars

Our Achievements

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We are very proud of what we achieved this year: Our project was awarded a gold medal, acknowledging the overall quality of our work. In addition we were nominated for 4 special prices:

Especially the nomination for Best Part Collection made us very happy, as our Signal Peptide Toolbox, with which we applied for that award, has truely been a team endeavour with every single team member contributing to it.

About Judging

For the iGEM competition, all teams must convince the judges of completing the requirements for achieving bronze, silver or gold as a rating for their project. iGEMers register their teams in March and work all summer to check off these requirements and prepare to defend their claims in Boston, at the Hynes Convention Center. Teams also need to complete a poster, wiki page and present at the Giant Jamboree in addition to other tasks to get the medal. You can hover over the UFOs below, to see our medal check-offs. Please see the Judging Criteria, for more information on medals.

In addition to that, teams with excellent results in specific areas can get nominated for and win special prizes in numerous categories. Last but not least the very best team in each of the 3 age groups is awarded the Grand Prize. An overview of 2017's special prizes, the nominees and winners can be found at the iGEM 2017 results page.

The Sideshow

✓ The PsrfA and PblaZ promoters are working as expected

PsrfA PblaZ

✓ Collaborated with another iGEM team in a significant way

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✓ Embraced Human Practices in the lab and out

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Above and Beyond

✓ Integrated our Human Practices into the design/execution of the lab

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✓ Improved the SpyCatcher part

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✓ We showed, with six different subprojects, the capabilities of Peptidosomes in synthetic biology

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The Basics

✓ We're going to Boston, to share our project!

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✓ We gave a shout out to everyone who helped us

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✓ Contributed to the iGEM InterLab Measurement Study

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