Team:TU Dresden/Attributions

General Support

The TU-Dresden iGEM team was responsible for the majority of the work shown here. However, we received additional support from several advisors. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to help make our iGEM project successful and an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The Faculty of Biology of Dresden University of Technology, for providing us with the lab and working space.

The B. subtilis expert par excellence Prof. Dr. Thorsten Mascher, for providing advice in microbiology and experimental design.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Braun, for giving us the opportunity to work with Peptidosomes and sharing his expertise on producing and maintaining them.

Franziska Dürr and Philipp Popp, for supervising our lab techniques and providing iGEM advice as past participators and graduate students. Without their knowledge and their overview our project would not have been the same.

A huge thank you goes to Annett Schneider (Prodokanat Biologie TU Dresden), for managing our finances and giving incredible advice to guide us through German bureaucracy. Due to her efforts, we did not have to focus so much on managing our financials, and were instead able to focus our time and energy on our project design and lab work.

Lab and Safety Support

Dr. Frank Pfennig, for sacrificing a huge amount of his time to organize all the safety permissions for our lab. He always had an open ear for these issues. Additionally, we thank him for providing us with a microinjection setup.

Dr. Kai Ostermann, for giving us an overview of his immobilization projects, explaining what challenges we may have to deal with in our project and enabling us to encapsulate yeasts.

Ass. iur. Kathleen Michalk, for explaining the laws concerning GMOs and how we should consider them in our project.

Clelia Conzendorf, for helping us acquire CO2 canisters in the lab and providing helpful advice.

Markus Günther, for providing his expertise with SEM imaging.

Ursula Degenhardt, for her generous support in our daily labwork by helping us with cleaning and autoclaving of our lab materials.

Annett George and Susanne Krause, for their support with placing shipment orders and the helpful tips they had for our everyday lab routines.

Dr. Diana Wolf, for her support concerning microscopy.

iGEM Goes Green Support

Toni Kiel (plant values) , our consulatant for sustainability, for pushing iGEM goes green with his expertise and providing us with further contact information.

Nicole Kelesoglu (Labconscious), for increasing the outreach of iGEM goes green enormously by publishing our achievements on her website

Dr. Kerstin Hermuth-Kleinschmidt (NIUB-Nachhaltigkeitsberatung), for the interesting exchange of experiences and extending our GoGreenGuide with her large knowledge in the field of sustainable lab work.

The Department of Environmental Management/ Environmental Coordination of the TU Dresden: Stephan Schöps and Dr. Ines Herr, for supporting iGEM goes green with contact information and expertise

Dr.-Ing. Annina Gritzki, for providing amperemeter plugs for tracking our energy consumption and revising our calculation tool.

Other Mentionable Support

Sächsischen Ausbildungs- und Erprobungskanaele (SAEK), for allowing us to use their recording studios.

Martin Kassner and the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD), for providing space for us to host the iGEM German-wide meetup.

iGEM team TU Aachen, for their collaborative efforts and providing us information about how to handle yeasts.

Michael Wicke, for providing us with an innovation shed for us to work in.