Team:William and Mary/Composite Part

We are nominating our pLac mf-Lon (K2333434) construct for best composite part. This part was a cornerstone of our efforts to produce a modular method to alter gene expression speed, enabling us to test a wide variety of protease concentrations with ease. All of our primary characterization was done using this part, and we think that it will prove invaluable to anyone who wants to test a variety of mf-Lon concentrations without having to undergo a large number of cloning steps. As we demonstrated with our IFFL circuit, this part can also be used to produce fully functional circuit motifs, and as such could be used as part of a proof of concept or final implementation of other projects. We'd like to note that this part should fulfill our silver medal criteria, for more information please see our for judges page.
Figure 1: Schematic of K2333434, mf-Lon is produced in the presense of IPTG. Part is typically used on backbone psb3K3
All Composite Parts:
K2333401 Cloning Ready pdt #3A with Double Terminator
K2333402 Cloning Ready pdt #3B with Double Terminator
K2333403 Cloning Ready pdt #3C with Double Terminator
K2333404 Cloning Ready pdt #3D with Double Terminator
K2333405 Cloning Ready pdt #3D with Double Terminator
K2333406 Cloning Ready pdt #3F with Double Terminator
K2333407 UNS J23100 sfGFP pdt #3A
K2333408 UNS J23100 sfGFP pdt #3B
K2333409 UNS J23100 sfGFP pdt #3C
K2333410 UNS J23100 sfGFP pdt #3D
K2333411 UNS J23100 sfGFP pdt #3E
K2333412 UNS J23100 sfGFP pdt #3F
K2333413 J23100 mScarlet-I
K2333414 J23100 mScarlet-I pdt #3A
K2333415 J23100 mScarlet-I pdt #3B
K2333416 J23100 mScarlet-I pdt #3C
K2333417 J23100 mScarlet-I pdt #3D
K2333418 J23100 mScarlet-I pdt #3E
K2333419 J23100 mScarlet-I pdt #3F
K2333420 UNS pTet sfGFP
K2333421 UNS pTet sfGFP pdt #3A
K2333422 UNS pTet sfGFP pdt #3B
K2333423 UNS pTet sfGFP pdt #3C
K2333424 UNS pTet sfGFP pdt #3D
K2333425 UNS pTet sfGFP pdt #3E
K2333426 UNS pTet sfGFP pdt #3F
K2333427 UNS pTet mScarlet-I
K2333428 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt #3A
K2333429 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt #3B
K2333430 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt #3C
K2333431 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt #3D
K2333432 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt #3E
K2333433 UNS pTet mScarlet-I pdt #3F
K2333434 pLac0-1 mf-Lon
K2333435 pBad mf-Lon
K2333437 Copper Sensor pdt #3A
K2333438 Copper Sensor pdt #3B
K2333439 Copper Sensor pdt #3C
K2333440 Copper Sensor pdt #3D
K2333441 Copper Sensor pdt #3E
K2333442 Copper Sensor pdt #3F